The strut card – 5 reasons to use this with your brand

The strut card – 5 reasons to use this with your brand

Placing advertising and marketing material at your point of sale has long been a trick of the trade in lots of businesses, especially those in retail and the food industry. Strut cards are the choice of such material for many businesses for many reasons, but in the age of digital technology, hash tags and bright bold marketing – strut cards have been reinvented.

Strut cards and reasons why your business needs one

1. QR codes are on strut cards, you need to engage

Long gone are the days when you had an advert with no redirection to more info. Strut cards are small, snappy and to the point which is great for today’s generation who are used to this type of advertising. We all have short attention spans and no time for lengthy text, so strut cards are perfect, especially when accompanied with a QR code to make the most of your advertising space.

2. Social media and strut cards

Seeing a hashtag on your strut card will allow people to follow your story online. A strut card is perfect for advertising your business or service in a way that intrigues people, as you won’t have much space for text. These days, most advertising sees the entry of a hashtag because your advertisement will be part of a bigger campaign. Strut cards can be used to engage people in social media activity because they are used for offers, loyalty cards or a special promotion.

3. Creativity

A long time ago, struts cards were dull, boring and lifeless, this is no longer the case. In the same way other print has gone bright, artistic and inventive, strut cards are no longer a standard size or shape…the possibilities are endless. These days, you can even create box shaped strut cards for maximum effect.

Strut Cards

4. Strut cards are cost effective

You don’t need to have a huge budget for strut cards; in fact it’s usually quite the opposite. Strut cards are cost effective and (with the right printing company) the results will show a high quality and durable finish.

5. Strut cards are glossy

These days strut cards are much more attractive to the eye. A suitable printing company should give you options when it comes to printing your strut cards, especially when it comes to finishes. For example, here at Digital Printing we offer matt lamination which gives a soft, contemporary effect and gloss lamination fives a higher quality shine finish than gloss card. Lamination can also be used but is most useful with solid colours or images to enhance vibrancy.

Strut cards are a fantastic way to advertise your business and engage your customers. Invest in high quality print that will impress your customers, speak volumes about your brand and improve your business.

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Strut Cards

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