How to survive your first ever exhibition or trade show

How to survive your first ever exhibition or trade show

Exhibitions can be an exciting time, and this is especially true if you are attending your first ever exhibition. It’s a sign that you have progressed into bigger and better things; it’s a sign that you have met your industry standards and are fit for exhibiting all you have to offer to your market. Whilst it’s exciting, it’s easy to get worried about feeling out of place or being unprepared, that’s why we’ve put this blog post together to help you survive your first ever exhibition.

Why are you attending this exhibition or trade show?

Determining your reasons for attending this exhibition or trade show will help you feel more confident about your presence there. Below are just some of the reasons why you should be there; these will give you the confidence to interact and showcase your business at an exhibition or tradefair.

You are building a reputation:

Showing up and presenting at an exhibition is not only a great way to get exposure and build your reputation, but it also provides you with the opportunity to meet and get a scope on your competitors.

You are raising awareness:

Not just of your product, but of your business and yourself. This is a great opportunity to network, create sales, generate appointments. It is also a great way to train new staff or further train current staff.

You’ve earned this:

Growing into a business that could afford to be at a trade show or exhibition means that you have earned this opportunity. You deserve your spot in this exhibition and you should reward yourself by getting out there and making the most of it!

4 Things you need when attending an exhibition or trade show:

Here are a few things that you’ll most certainly need in order to put your best professional foot forward.

1. Literature.

You’ll need to print information and present it in a professional and accessible manner, the best way to do this would be presentation folders, leaflets or flyers.

2. Luxury business cards.

Make the right impression with the professional look and feel of business cards. They may be small, but they can become a powerful branding tool and a great way to get your name and organisation in front of your customers. Their small size makes them perfect for the pockets and purses of the many visitors to these shows.

Business Cards

3. The right roll up or pull up banner stand.

You’ll need one of these to make your exhibition complete. If you predict you’ll be attending lots of these then be sure to invest in a high quality stand that is easily transported and maintained.

Pop up banner stands - digital printing

4. The right staff.

This will be key in creating a friendly, professional and accessible exhibition space. The right staff will be informed, approachable and able to capture the leads you need for both networking and sales purposes.

Being prepared will be key to your success at an exhibition or trade show. Don’t overlook the smaller details, such as branding, and wearing appropriate uniforms or business attire. These are all things which will help you stand out.

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