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Planning your print for Christmas

Christmas may be the last thing on your mind right now, but as we move closer to the shorter days and longer nights and further away from the warm sunshine of summer – Christmas will be here sooner than you think. Christmas is the busiest time of the year in the print industry and so… Read more »

Creative Leaflets – Things to Remember

Being creative doesn’t come easy to everyone. In fact, few people really get it right when it comes to leaflets. The danger is either becoming too creative and creating a leaflet that becomes messy and difficult to understand, or going the other way which would involve being boring and dull.

7 Things to remember when planning a banner stand

As with the printing of all marketing material, printing a banner stand requires careful thought and construction alongside a clear and creative vision. In order to design a banner stand that speaks to your audience, represents your business and has the desired effect – you will need to think carefully about certain aspects.

5 Things to remember when designing an A4 poster

If you’ve decided to print an A4 poster, you’ll have realised all the benefits by now. They are conveniently sized, can be very attractive and are a cheaper alternative to spending lots on huge posters. You’ll save money, use less paper and be able to get creative and that’s all the good news. The bad… Read more »

The role of colour when designing banner stands

Banner stands come in two main types – pop up banner stands or pull up banner stands. While both can really help your brand and business stand out, there are many differences in pop up and pull up banner stands including, the size, the cost, and the time taken to set it up. There is… Read more »

How to survive your first ever exhibition or trade show

Exhibitions can be an exciting time, and this is especially true if you are attending your first ever exhibition. It’s a sign that you have progressed into bigger and better things; it’s a sign that you have met your industry standards and are fit for exhibiting all you have to offer to your market. Whilst… Read more »

From design to print: how your leaflets are made

In business, it’s normal for us to become involved in the design of our marketing material, (or at the very least we will approve it). Following this it is sent to the printing and comes back to us for distribution. But what happens throughout that process? We invest so much time and pay so much… Read more »

5 Reasons to make 2014 all about the banner

Banner stands are a great way to let everyone know who you and what you’re about. They are durable, and if you create a great banner, it can make a huge impact. Take a look at our top 5 reasons for printing (or reprinting) a banner.

7 things to remember when designing and using invites

Invitations can be used for a wide range of events, from a new product launch to a conference and birthday parties to weddings. The humble invite has been the weapon of choice for decades when it comes to letting people know about a party or event that you are planning. The development of technology has… Read more »