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3 Print predictions for 2014

Between Google glass, self driving cars, tiny tablets and phones that can control our televisions – we don’t think anyone could have guessed just how far technology would have come. Even 10 years ago, all these things would have seemed utterly ridiculous, but we have invented, and reinvented some truly fascinating pieces of technology and… Read more »

5 creative websites that we love here at Digital Printing

When we’re not busy printing marketing materials for our customers (this isn’t that often), we like to take a trip round the web and stop by some of our favourite design and creative websites for some divine inspiration. The World Wide Web has become a wealth of knowledge and a fountain of ideas in recent… Read more »

3 binding options to consider for your next brochure

We’ve spent a lot of time in recent weeks looking at ways to improve the impact and design of your printed brochure. We’ve looked at industries that can benefit from brochures, paper weights to consider and also, which paper sizes to use. All this is great from an aesthetical point of view and will really… Read more »

5 things to consider when designing posters

Previously in the Digital Printing blog, we looked at 5 things to consider when designing strut cards. To keep your creative juices flowing, and with Christmas and the New Year in mind, we wanted to turn our attention to posters. Posters can be a really powerful tool in creating some interest and buzz around your… Read more »

5 easy to follow steps when designing for print

We are often asked by customers about the best way to start designing artwork for print and also what is the best format to save artwork in. For many customers, the design process of a brochure, leaflet, flyer or even a business card is something alien to them and it can at times be a… Read more »

5 Christmas brochures to spark creativity this festive season

Brochures and folded leaflets are a vital marketing tool in a world where we are constantly seeking more information. Of course we have the internet to answer all our questions; however there is something valuable in tangible information that will provide your customer with a personal touch. This is never more important than at Christmas… Read more »

7 Ways images can help your banners stand out

Our sight is among our most poignant senses. Advertising is founded on the very belief that images are powerful and we react to images, be that negatively or positively – they will be sure to have an impact. We take a look at how images can help your banner stand out and how banners can… Read more »

6 Ways SMEs can benefit from printed leaflets

Printed leaflets offer SMEs the opportunity and space to make an impact. Here at Digital Printing, we are great believers in the power of print and we are particularly proud of the work we do with leaflets. We believe in the power of printed leaflets for SME’s and here are 6 reasons why.

4 ways to create brilliant Christmas brochures

Christmas is a tough time of the year in the design and print world. Everyone wants to get into the Christmas spirit and everyone wants this to be reflected in their marketing material. For designers however, this may not always be the case. The saying “less is more” is never truer than at Christmas, a… Read more »