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7 luxury papers to consider for your 2014 printing needs

In business, standing out from the competition can often take something special. Something that really puts you on a different pedestal from the other key players in your industry. Whether you are a local hairdresser competing against others or a large university wanting to show the latest batch of students that yours is the campus… Read more »

Last minute prints – order today to get for Christmas

We’ve been extremely busy this year at Digital Printing and things have only got busier since we launched our new website in September. We can’t complain though and it’s been great to see so many of our customers leaving such great reviews on both our products and service since our new site launched. You may… Read more »

5 things to consider when designing posters

Previously in the Digital Printing blog, we looked at 5 things to consider when designing strut cards. To keep your creative juices flowing, and with Christmas and the New Year in mind, we wanted to turn our attention to posters. Posters can be a really powerful tool in creating some interest and buzz around your… Read more »

5 things to consider when designing strut cards

Strut cards are a great marketing tool. They are convenient, engaging and very appealing, when done correctly. But how do you create a strut card that will work for you and your business? Well, we’ve devised our top five tips to help you better understand the process of designing a strut card.

5 easy to follow steps when designing for print

We are often asked by customers about the best way to start designing artwork for print and also what is the best format to save artwork in. For many customers, the design process of a brochure, leaflet, flyer or even a business card is something alien to them and it can at times be a… Read more »

5 Christmas brochures to spark creativity this festive season

Brochures and folded leaflets are a vital marketing tool in a world where we are constantly seeking more information. Of course we have the internet to answer all our questions; however there is something valuable in tangible information that will provide your customer with a personal touch. This is never more important than at Christmas… Read more »

7 Ways images can help your banners stand out

Our sight is among our most poignant senses. Advertising is founded on the very belief that images are powerful and we react to images, be that negatively or positively – they will be sure to have an impact. We take a look at how images can help your banner stand out and how banners can… Read more »

6 Ways SMEs can benefit from printed leaflets

Printed leaflets offer SMEs the opportunity and space to make an impact. Here at Digital Printing, we are great believers in the power of print and we are particularly proud of the work we do with leaflets. We believe in the power of printed leaflets for SME’s and here are 6 reasons why.

5 top tips for planning a direct mail campaign

Sending a direct mail campaign can be somewhat of a challenge. There are two main points to consider when sending a direct mail campaign; what you are sending and who you are sending it too. We’ve devised out top tips for you in order to help you address both these issues in the most practical… Read more »