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Design ideas for booklet printing

Booklet printing is a large part of what we do at We supply an extensive range of printed marketing and large format products for all sorts customers, but the printed booklet remains one of our most popular products among small and large businesses alike.

Your booklet – your choice!

New A6 size gives you even more options for your perfect bound and saddle stitched booklets. Need a booklet, brochure or any other document of between 8 and 700 pages? Well, depending on the page count, you’ll probably choose saddle stitched or perfect bound. Both methods have many great qualities and at we’ve added… Read more »

Make your printed brochure work for your business.

A well designed, professionally printed brochure might be the most effective marketing tool your business will have. Even in a World where digital marketing continues to grow and evolve, a printed brochure is invaluable in engaging existing and prospective customers.

Perfect Bound – The Perfect Booklet

Perfect bound booklets are a popular choice for many businesses wishing to have a professional edge when it comes to printed marketing material because the perfect binding process provides an expensive look and feel for high-end brochures, magazines and catalogues. Of course, other binding options such as saddle-stitch or wiro bound work well for document printing… Read more »

Choose the right type of document binding

Document Binding

The ideal document binding method depends largely on the function of the document, the number of pages it contains and the printing budget. Perfect Bound Books Perfect bound book printing is a widely used method for magazines, books and reports. With this method, the pages and cover are glued together at the spine with a… Read more »

Perfect Bound – Your Perfect Solution!

Perfect Bound Book Printing

Whether you’re printing a magazine, book or anything from 40 to 700 pages, perfect bound book printing could well be your perfect option. Highly professional in appearance and very cost effective, even for small quantities. Perfect binding is extremely popular for a huge range of publications, from manuals, reports and catalogues, right up to soft-cover… Read more »

3 ways perfect bound books can give you a professional edge

We talked a lot recently in the blog about how you can get creative and make your printed marketing material stand out. Whether it’s through business cards, leaflets and flyers, brochures, large posters and billboards or banner stands, making an impact and being memorable is something that needs to be part of the design process… Read more »