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7 Things to remember when planning a banner stand

As with the printing of all marketing material, printing a banner stand requires careful thought and construction alongside a clear and creative vision. In order to design a banner stand that speaks to your audience, represents your business and has the desired effect – you will need to think carefully about certain aspects.

The role of colour when designing banner stands

Banner stands come in two main types – pop up banner stands or pull up banner stands. While both can really help your brand and business stand out, there are many differences in pop up and pull up banner stands including, the size, the cost, and the time taken to set it up. There is… Read more »

How to survive your first ever exhibition or trade show

Exhibitions can be an exciting time, and this is especially true if you are attending your first ever exhibition. It’s a sign that you have progressed into bigger and better things; it’s a sign that you have met your industry standards and are fit for exhibiting all you have to offer to your market. Whilst… Read more »

Why a pop up display stand can be your silent salesperson

For many companies, sales are the bread and butter of their business. Without sales you don’t have customers and without customers; well, you know where you are headed. The importance of acquiring and keeping customers has seen salespeople play key roles in many industries for decades if not centuries. A salesperson can often be the… Read more »

Make an Impact with the Rapide Curved Pop Up Stand

Last week we looked at how important it is to really maximise your space at an exhibition to stand out. One way that we identified can help you stand out at an exhibition is through using the right banners. One banner in particular that can have a great impact at an exhibition or conference is… Read more »

Why the Curvorama can help you really stand out

Display stands are a great way of standing out at exhibitions or creating an impact when a potential customer enters your store or office. They can be a very cost effective promotional tool if used correctly and something that you can get a lot out of. From simple pop up stands to roll up stands,… Read more »

Standing out at an exhibition

Exhibitions and trade shows are one of the most competitive spaces to try and sell your product or service. While these types of shows are great for getting you in contact with customers, they also put you in contact with your competitors. This makes it even more important to ensure you stand out at an… Read more »