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Extend your Hospitality

If you’re in hospitality; hotels, bars or restaurants, the wide and varied nature of our digital printing is perfect for your business. From menus to large format and outdoor advertising material, we can supply anything from small quantities of table items, to a larger run of flyers, posters and outdoor printing.

5 Ways to create outdoor poster ads that work

Being original in the advertising world is practically impossible these days. To really stand out and make people take notice, you have to do something that – above all is – evokes thought. This sounds like a relatively simple concept but with the thousands of things floating around in your audience’s head at any given… Read more »

5 Things to remember when designing an A4 poster

If you’ve decided to print an A4 poster, you’ll have realised all the benefits by now. They are conveniently sized, can be very attractive and are a cheaper alternative to spending lots on huge posters. You’ll save money, use less paper and be able to get creative and that’s all the good news. The bad… Read more »

The joy of personalised print for lifestyle and business

We all love personalised print, adults and kids alike! This phenomenon has been around for quite some time but last year’s coca cola campaign to personalise every bottle and share a coke created a new found love and appreciation of having our names on something. But that’s not the only way to personalise print. In… Read more »

5 things to consider when designing posters

Previously in the Digital Printing blog, we looked at 5 things to consider when designing strut cards. To keep your creative juices flowing, and with Christmas and the New Year in mind, we wanted to turn our attention to posters. Posters can be a really powerful tool in creating some interest and buzz around your… Read more »

5 Printing ideas for the party season

If there ever was a holiday that required decoration, it’s Christmas. A time of colour, creativity and craft; Christmas requires print by the bucket load. We’ve devised our top 5 printing ideas for your home and your business to give you a head start on our favourite time of the year.

10 of our favourite billboards from around the world

Billboard advertising has been steadily evolving over the past 5 – 10 years and we have seen some great examples of companies thinking outside the box to establish some great creative ideas that instantly grab your attention. From 6 sheets to 48 sheets and from enormous 96 sheets to enormous building wraps, billboards can be… Read more »