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4 ways to be green: A guide to green printing

These days, it’s important for everyone to be kinder to the environment. In years gone by, eco friendly practices weren’t for everyone – but with the developments in research and the financial rewards available from best eco practices, it’s vital for many. At Digital Printing – we’re obsessed with being as green as we possibly… Read more »

3 Print predictions for 2014

Between Google glass, self driving cars, tiny tablets and phones that can control our televisions – we don’t think anyone could have guessed just how far technology would have come. Even 10 years ago, all these things would have seemed utterly ridiculous, but we have invented, and reinvented some truly fascinating pieces of technology and… Read more »

7 steps to greener printing in 2014

We previously looked at 5 ways to improve how your business recycles and with this in mind; we thought we’d take a look at how you can become “greener” with your printing in 2014. So what do we mean by “greener”? When we say greener, we are talking about eco-friendly printing solutions. Ways in which… Read more »

5 ways to improve how your business recycles

These days’ recycling in our homes is a normal habit and is for the most, a council law. More and more of us separate our waste to perfection; food, plastic, paper and even grass cuttings get a separate box and all for good reason. We want to teach our children the importance of recycling, we… Read more »

Why it pays to go green when printing leaflets

In years gone by, recycled material was always synonymous with a lesser quality in the printing world. While it was considered good for the environment and often a cheaper alternative, recycled paper just didn’t seem to meet the mark in terms of quality. These days, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, there… Read more »