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Find real marketing success with Stickers!

For many years stickers have been instrumental in advertising products, establishing brands and even helping elect politicians! They’re as useful – and popular – today as they ever were. At we find that our customers use stickers for growing their brand, adding value, updating existing marketing, promoting events and even as gifts in their own… Read more »

High Five! 5 Big Advantages of Using Printed Stickers

Advertising messages are everywhere. We see them in print, in the press, on television and online. That means a huge number of companies are competing for our attention – and our business. Printed sticker advertising is a proven way to get your brand or message directly into the marketplace.

Pack a punch with your packaging!

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s vital to constantly think about how to get your message across. Promotional opportunities are everywhere and your packaging is a ready-made marketing tool that goes directly to your customers. The personal touch Everyone likes to feel special. Used correctly, your packaging can really build and strengthen relationships. A simple… Read more »

Say It With Stickers!

Print Stickers

You’ve seen them; on windows, walls, cars – everywhere! Eye-catching stickers promoting anything and everything, Guerilla marketing is a hugely effective advertising technique. Good sticker campaigns work because people talk about them. And that means people are taking about your company; your brand; your product. Here are a few tips to maximize the effectiveness of… Read more »

The joy of personalised print for lifestyle and business

We all love personalised print, adults and kids alike! This phenomenon has been around for quite some time but last year’s coca cola campaign to personalise every bottle and share a coke created a new found love and appreciation of having our names on something. But that’s not the only way to personalise print. In… Read more »

5 Printing ideas for the party season

If there ever was a holiday that required decoration, it’s Christmas. A time of colour, creativity and craft; Christmas requires print by the bucket load. We’ve devised our top 5 printing ideas for your home and your business to give you a head start on our favourite time of the year.