The Power of The Humble Compliment Slip

The Power of The Humble Compliment Slip

Compliment slips are often small thank you notes or cards that businesses use to send customers alongside products, documents or packages. If you’re not using them already in your business, then you should consider investing in compliment slips.  

Compliment slips are an excellent way of demonstrating your professionalism as a company. Popping a compliment slip into the envelope along with the brochures or promotional materials you send out, demonstrates that you take the time to offer great customer service and attention to detail – which is really essential, especially in a crowded marketplace. A quick handwritten note can mean a lot when it comes to impressing a new or potential client. 

With more and more of what we do now being online, it can be difficult to add that personal touch that brings out the personality of your business. It may seem outdated to send your customers compliment slips, but in doing it can have a number of great benefits for your business. Here are some of the top reasons you should be using compliment slips…

  • Compliment slips add a professional touch

As mentioned, compliment slips are a great way of adding a professional touch to every client or customer order. Customers want to feel like they are dealing with professionals who are serious about what they do. 

For small businesses, in particular, a compliment slip can be just the thing to show your customers that even though you may be small, you’re a fully equipped business that knows exactly what it’s doing.

For more professionalism, make sure you keep a simple, sleek and sophisticated design for your compliment slip. Invest in good quality paper and printing to ensure your compliment slips are taken seriously and appreciated by your customer. 

  • Compliment slips build trust with your customers

Compliment slips are incredibly personal. A simple thank you can make your customers feel more connected to your business. When you send a compliment slip, you’re helping to humanise your business, which builds trust between you and your customers. The more trust you build, the better the relationship becomes. Building trust between you and your customers is vital for businesses who depend on repeat business or recommendations. Therefore, showing each and every customer you appreciate them is an excellent idea.

Compliment slips are extremely cost-efficient, making the ROI (return on investment) more than worth it. Plus, it’s always nice to show your customers how much you value them. It can be rewarding for you too! After all, without your customers, you wouldn’t have a business in the first place.

  • Compliment slips keep your business at the forefront of customers minds

Compliments cards are more than a nice touch – they’re a marketing tactic as well. Every time a customer engages with your business, they should have a positive experience. Adding a compliment slip to products you send out to customers, is a great way to include your branding in packages. 

Compliment slips will set your business apart from the rest and ensure that customers are more likely to remember your brand. When the time comes that they need your services again, you’ll be at the forefront of their minds and the first one they call.

  • Compliment slips make your customers feel valued

There are many advantages that printed paper communication has over digital communication (that’s a whole other topic for another day). However, the main advantage is the ability printed or written communication has to make your customers feel valued. Nowadays, everyone is busy – always rushing to and from the next appointment, meeting or task. When your clients see your business has taken the time out of your working day to personally thank them, this can go a long way in making your clients feel valued and important to you. 

  • Compliment slips encourage more sales

Compliment slips are also useful when it comes to encouraging your customers to buy more of your products or use more of your services, thus helping to increase your sales. When your clients receive their branded and printed compliment slip, they will remember the great service that you provided, and as a result, are more likely to make further purchases. Additionally, positive service means customers are also more likely to recommend your business to their friends, family, and co-workers, and can even use the compliment slips as a way of passing on your information. This could also lead to an increase in sales in the long term.

  • Compliment slips can be a vital part of your brand

Brand consistency is extremely important in today’s market.  In order for your business to stand out, you need a unique, coherent identity that is both familiar and recognisable to your clients. You also need a good market presence and printed business stationery contributes towards this goal. However, with every market crowded with multiple brands, how can you be sure to stand out and stay ahead of the curve? 

For many businesses, especially those who only trade through their websites, branding is solely an online process – but with compliment slips, letterheads and general business stationery you could develop your branding in the offline world. When your customers receive their printed compliment slips, they’re likely to remember your brand above everyone else’s, encouraging your businesses’ growth as a result.

How to design your compliment slips

Compliment slips or cards also help when it comes to adding some context to what you’re sending out or reminding the recipient who the document or parcel is coming from. It’s much easier for you as a business to write a quick note on a compliment slip rather than pulling out branded letterheads and typing a long-winded introduction. 

So, our first tip for designing your compliment slip to emphasise the reputation of your established business is stick with the traditional size when it comes to designing your slips. Our best seller is a 1/3 A4 compliment slip, printed single-sided on our 120gsm premium uncoated paper. 

Next, ensure your compliment slips are branded, featuring contact information that the recipient can take note of for the future. Whatever design or format you decide on, ensure you keep a large section of it blank, perfect for writing a personal note or thank you.

You can also get creative with your compliment slips. There is no set design, however, most compliment slips tend to look the same due to a lack of imagination or creativity. 

And one final point, don’t compromise on paper quality. The point of the compliment slip is to portray your business as professional and of high-quality – your paper choice says it all. Browse our range of luxury papers to get something that extra bit special!

Looking for professional compliment slip printing?

At, we offer high-quality compliment slip printing. Simply design your compliment slips in whatever way you want then choose from 1/3 A4 or A6 size with single or double-sided printing. Why not use a solid colour on the reverse of your compliments slips for added effect?

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