5 Tips to designing a Christmas food leaflet

5 Tips to designing a Christmas food leaflet

People are particularly critical about things which will appeal to them on a more personal level, and there are few things in the world more personal than our taste of food. Food appeals to our emotional and rational senses. It’s rational because we need to eat but we also have a completely emotional attachment to eating too, it’s a source of comfort. Christmas for many is the most emotionally heightened time of the entire year and so Christmas food leaflets are really a very delicate type of leaflet.

We devised our top 5 tips to bear in mind for this time of year.

1) Realistic imagery:

When we see food, we instantly make decisions. This is where our rational self will fight with our emotional self. For instance, we may see a great big bowl of broccoli and we will know this is good for us, this is rational. However (for some) it may not appeal to us emotionally. This is why it is important to use great images. Food must look good. In order to achieve this, it must also be realistic as most people will be able to tell a fake turkey from a real turkey and this will have a great impact on their decision to buy.

2) Minimum imagery:

As important as images are, it is vital to keep white space in a Christmas leaflet, as with any type of leaflet. Don’t overcrowd your leaflet with lots of images. They will begin to lose meaning and the leaflet will look untidy and unprofessional, as well as lose readability.

3) Text:

If you don’t have a way with words, it’s best to seek professional help especially when describing something as personal as food. People want to know exactly what they are ordering and will strive for a perfect description to match their perfect expectations. Your brochure will act as a voice for your chef, your service, your food and your reputation; make sure your written word will is excellent.

4) Christmas colours:

Christmas colours represent excitement, home, family and all the great things associated with the season of good will. However, this doesn’t mean they will look good in your brochure alongside your current brand colours and it certainly doesn’t mean you are obligated to change your brand identity to fit with the season. Instead, you should be using a little bit of extra colour- something simple like a piece of holly on the top corner of the brochure or another small mark to indicate the season. Changing your colours completely may cheapen your brand and confuse your customer. Don’t be afraid to get creative but it’s important that you don’t get lost in a sea of green, red and lots of glitter.

Christmas leaflet design ideas - Digital Printing(Image source: freshdesignweb)

5) Original and personal:

There are lots of original leaflet designs to choose from and there is no better time than Christmas to try something new. Depending on your business (hotel, restaurant, grocery store etc) you may want to consider small but quirky changes in your leaflet, such as wrapping it in a bow, or adding a Christmas sticker.

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