Tips for self-adhesive vinyl application

Tips for self-adhesive vinyl application

Vinyl banner with fictive printSelf-adhesive vinyl is a striking, noticeable and long-lasting form of marketing that’s really effective both inside and outdoors. From adhesive window graphics and posters to custom vinyl stickers, vinyl advertising and vinyl sticker printing have never been more popular. Some people may worry that it’s tricky to apply and if that sounds like you, fear not! With a little preparation and the right materials, your self-adhesive vinyl will go up easily and smoothly.

How do I apply self-adhesive vinyl?

Preparation is everything. First, check your tools. You should have:

  • A damp cloth (or methylated spirits if the surface is very dirty)
  • A spray bottle containing water and a very small amount of washing-up liquid
  • A squeegee, you can use one for cleaning windows. (If you don’t have one a credit card will do)
  • A craft knife, scalpel or needle

Having assembled your tools (and your self-adhesive vinyl stickers or posters) you now need to thoroughly clean the surface onto which your vinyl will go. Use a damp cloth or if it’s glass, some methylated spirit. You’re now ready to begin applying your vinyl.

For self-adhesive vinyl and vinyl stickers up to A2 size:

  1. Peel back a very small part of the vinyl from the backing. If it’s hard to separate use your scalpel at a corner to ease the vinyl off the backing.
  2. Line up the edge of the exposed vinyl and gently apply it to the surface. Go very slowly and rub it down with your squeegee or credit card.
  3. Slowly peel away more of the vinyl, carefully pressing it onto to the surface as you go. Applying it slowly means you’ll be able to see any air bubbles and remove them before you continue.
  4. Continue the process until all the entire graphic is applied. Pierce any small bubbles with a needle or scalpel and rub down.

For larger sizes:

Spray your water and washing-up liquid solution on to the surface. Wetting the surface with bubbles means you’ll be able to move and reposition the vinyl if you make a mistake. If your vinyl is very large have someone else carefully peel away the backing while you apply the self-adhesive vinyl. (Note that while the wet method is more forgiving it can take up to 48 hours for the adhesive to fully stick so reapply every few hours until you’re sure.)

Ordering your self-adhesive vinyl is even easier than applying it

When we launched we were determined to make it quick and simple to upload artwork from wherever you are. You can upload your artwork, order your self-adhesive vinyl and arrange delivery from any desktop or mobile device. If you’re not sure about how to save your artwork you can download an editable template from our website. Simply place your artwork onto the template and upload.

We also have a dedicated support section and if you’re still unsure about anything just contact our customer service team. To order, get prices or to find out more about self-adhesive vinyl simply visit today.

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