5 top tips for planning a direct mail campaign

5 top tips for planning a direct mail campaign

Sending a direct mail campaign can be somewhat of a challenge. There are two main points to consider when sending a direct mail campaign; what you are sending and who you are sending it too. We’ve devised out top tips for you in order to help you address both these issues in the most practical way.

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1. Prepare your data

Locating your customer data is key. Segmenting your database is essential in order to send targeted messages to people with specific buying habits. You can rent new mailing lists of prospects that match that profile but don’t forget your current clientele. They are an important person in the case of mail campaigns because they know you, they are familiar with your brand and will therefore be more like to open your mail.

2. Personalise your direct mail campaign

There are two types of mail known as group A and group B. Group A is mail that we will separate and read, group B is otherwise known as junk mail. To differentiate your direct mail campaign, it is vital that you personalise your campaign to make it relevant and suitable for group A. Using a first name on an envelope is an example of great personalisation; “Mr John Smith” is more appealing to the reader than simply “Mr Smith” because it creates a sense of the familiar to the individual.

3.  Create a visually appealing envelope

Often direct mail campaigns are sent in a “window” style envelope with no indication of where the envelope came from. This often feels deceiving to the reader and many will not even spend the time to open the mail because it is immediately illusive. If you have created something that you believe people will want to buy, then you should not be hiding information about who you are. Your envelope should be branded and open about who you are, this says you are proud of who you are and what you do.

4.  Pull, don’t push

Direct marketing campaigns give you an opportunity to connect with your target market. Because this is often an expensive and delicate situation, it’s important not to decrease your chances of success by stamping your envelop with things like “Urgent-Open immediately” or “Time sensitive.” This kind of pushy sales jargon only increases the likely hood of your mail campaign being considered junk and often frustrates your reader. Create engaging, quality and meaningful campaigns with valuable information for a higher success rate.

5. Call to action and success measurement

A direct mail campaign is useless if it does not “pull” your reader. Engaging content will do this but what will follow? You need a clear path of communication and contact details, contact telephone numbers, email addresses and social media. It is then vital that you measure your campaign; you can then measure the success of your campaign by monitoring your response compared with the total of people you targeted.

Direct marketing campaigns are an excellent way to speak to your potential and current clientele. To avoid printing direct marketing campaigns that look and feel like junk mail, opt for quality print. For more information about printing direct marketing campaigns, speak to our professional printing team today. You can also follow us on Twitter and connect with us on Facebook.


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