How to use business stickers and labels

How to use business stickers and labels

business stickersStickers aren’t just for children. We all use stickers and in business, we know that personalised business labels and stickers are powerful, cost-effective ways to advertise your brand, services or products. If you only see stickers as the star-shaped, sticky prizes teachers put on (some) schoolbooks, then it’s time to take a fresh look at this great way to promote your business.

How do I make stickers for business?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how to make business stickers for your business – it’s the same as making stickers for anything. Business stickers might just show your logo or a great image with a QR code or web address. There’s a huge range of sizes available from small, kiss-cut stickers that come on A4 sheets right up to self-adhesive posters and graphics that can go as big as you like.

Uses for business labels and stickers

There are so many uses for your business stickers, including:

  • Branding for packaging – Sending a letter or package? Use a personalised business label for details like the recipient’s address. You can also place a custom, personalised sticker on the envelope or packaging. Your logo, web address or even slogan will promote your business even before the package is opened.
  • As free gifts – When you send a product include a well-designed sticker. Everyone loves free stuff and everyone loves stickers. People might give them to their kids, stick them on their desk phone or on other office or studio equipment. The better the sticker the better the chance of a good location. Then your branding is working for you every day at no cost.
  • On any customer-facing surface – If you work in an area frequented by customers, place business stickers on the back of your computer monitor, laptop or even chair. There are plenty of ways to make business stickers and labels work for you again and again.
  • As part of a sticker marketing campaign – The range of sizes available means business stickers really can go anywhere. Use your imagination and get creative (but stay out of trouble).

Got your sticker idea? We’ll help you with perfect print.

When it comes to business stickers and personalised business labels supply everything from 20mm diameter stickers to 40”x 60” self-adhesive posters or even see-through graphics that will cover your entire window. If you’re wondering how to make business labels work for you and your business just take look at our full range. You can brand anything from your envelopes to your business premises with powerful, professionally printed business stickers and labels. To find out more or to price and order your business stickers online visit today.

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