When should you use luxury paper? Five main types of luxury paper and their uses

When should you use luxury paper? Five main types of luxury paper and their uses

Corner of journal pagesIt goes without saying that quality paper and excellent print are essential for marketing. Even great design will look shoddy if printed on low-quality paper. There are many premium papers that will certainly do justice to any creative work but sometimes you might want something extra special and that’s where luxury paper comes in.

There are five main types of luxury paper for when you need something a little different to really make your printed job stand out:

Laid paper

Laid paper has a finely ribbed surface texture. It has been used from as far back as the 12th century when it was the predominant form of paper produced. Today it’s used as a luxury paper for business stationery, brochures and leaflets as well as personal writing paper. It’s also used by artists as it gives texture and depth to both print and paints.

Linen effect paper

This uncoated luxury paper is ideal for stationery and greeting cards. It also adds a luxurious feel to greeting cards and invites. As its name suggests the paper has a beautiful linen texture and it can really add a special look and feel to your marketing.

Felt marked paper

There is a number felt marked papers that have a beautiful soft texture.

Mohawk Felt is a light cream paper, while Gesso is an off-white colour with a hammer effect felt texture. Nettuna (off-white in colour) and Acquellero (ivory) have a linear felt mark on both sides of the paper. Felt marked is a very popular luxury paper often used for wedding stationery, invites and corporate brochures or marketing material.

Pearlescent and metallic papers

Pearlescent and metallic papers have a luxurious sheen that shimmers beautifully in the light.

They’re perfect for invites, menus and when you want your marketing to give the impression of pure luxury. White metallic papers have a glitter effect in silver or gold. Pearlescent papers have a subtle sheen that enhances colours and makes your print really stand out.

There are also darker shades of luxury paper like Sirio Pearlescent Platinum. These are ideal for designs using lighter colours.

Extra smooth papers

Many papers have a smooth, silk finish that gives off a subtle sheen. You’ll find an even smoother finish on Splendorgel Avorio which is ivory in colour and is popular for wedding stationery, corporate booklets and high-quality postcards or invites.

Luxury paper needs professional print

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