Using pop up banner stands to your advantage at an exhibition

Using pop up banner stands to your advantage at an exhibition

When was the last time you attended an exhibition or conference to showcase your product or services? Chances are you will have taken the time to plan all your supporting marketing material and considered how you want your stand to look. For most companies exhibiting at a trade show or conference, pull up banner stands are often the most affordable and convenient way to promote your offering at your stand.

If you really want to stand out from your competitors, and have a stand that makes a real impression, it’s time to consider a pop up banner. Below we take a look at some of the reasons why pop up banners can really help your brand when it comes to exhibiting at your next trade show.

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Why should you use pop up banners for a trade show

The big advantage to using pop up banner stands when exhibiting is that they can really help you create a presence. Shell spaces can often be limited and very competitive at trade shows, particularly large trade shows. It can often be expensive to exhibit at these shows, so why should you start to cut corners on the quality of your stand just to save a few pound. The cost of shell space can often run into the tens of thousands, so if you are investing large amounts of money to attend these shows, you may as well ensure that your existing and prospective customers see you in a good light. This is where pop up banner stands can really help out.

Getting the most from pop up banner stands

Pop up banners can allow you to create a welcoming environment for visitors to a trade show. Use these banner stands to brand your shell space and have your sales team ready to meet anyone with questions. Try to have all important information clearly visible on your pop up stand, to allow visitors to get an idea of what you offer. This will make follow up questions and discussions much easier.

Remember your design

Pull up banner stands will cover a larger area than pop up banners, so be sure to maximise this with your design. Make sure your key message can be seen from a distance, and use colour and graphics to stand out. Check out our recent blog post that looked at 10 design tips for banner stands.

Create a professional look and feel

Pop up banner stands help create a professional look and feel that can really help to make the right impression at a trade show. It’s also important to have a banner stand that is quick and easy to set up, because let’s face it, you don’t want half of your time at a trade show to be spent setting things up. Pop up banners like the Rapide can help give that professional look that we are all after, while also ensuring a quick set up and easy transport.

Quality over time

Investing in a high quality pop up banner stand will also ensure that you will get long term value from your investment. Instead of regularly investing in cheap roll up banners, invest in your brand and your business by looking at pop up banners. They are easy to transport, lightweight and aren’t as expensive as you may initially think. Our pop up banner stands begin at £695.

If you need advice on getting the most from your next banner stand speak to our expert team today. You can also keep up to date with all the latest news here at Digital Printing, by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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