When it comes to wedding invites there’s a lot to consider

When it comes to wedding invites there’s a lot to consider


Make sure you think of everything with our Wedding Invite Checklist

Wedding invites are a big part of the big day. Not only to tell guests they’re invited but they also set the feel for the big day and might even be how some guests first get the news. Weddings are becoming much more bespoke and that means wedding invites are too. It’s no longer just a case of sending out a few mass produced cards. Couples now expect more and if you’re charged with the task of designing or organising the wedding invites it pays to plan carefully. 

Our wedding invite checklist should help you to provide exactly what the happy couple want and with minimum stress to everyone involved. At your first meeting it pays to ask a few simple questions:

Traditional invites or something different?

Traditional invites will usually be on a white, cream or off-white card, often with a linen or laid texture. The font will be a traditional serif or script style although the area for the names of recipients may be blank to allow for hand-written names. 

More and more couples today are opting for something a little different. They may want to use more colours or include motifs, crests or other graphics or images. They may want a monogram or logo designed that will be used across all the stationery and at the ceremony. That means more work for you, so you need to know all of these details before you can even give a price.

How green are the happy couple?

If the environment and saving waste is important to the couple as it is to more and more people these days, find out right away. They might want recycled paper or want to cut down on waste, both of which will affect the design options you offer. 

Do they want matching reply cards?

Most people now prefer replies to be on matching reply cards. As well as confirming attendance these can also include details of the menu so that people can indicate their choice or advise of any special dietary requirements. They must also include a date by which the card should be returned.

Is there a separate evening reception?

Most couples have separate invites to the evening reception for those not invited to the wedding itself. Couples who are getting married in small or secret ceremonies or married abroad often have a party a few days after the wedding itself. (Reply cards are not usually required for these as they’re generally less formal affairs.)

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