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Wedding Stationery Design & Print Inspiration

Ryan Patrick Design – Let us tell your love story in style…

Ryan Patrick DesignRyan Hasson and Patrick-James McGinnis are Co-founders of wedding stationery company Ryan Patrick Design. Its slogan ‘Let us tell your love story in style’ truly defines the company’s ethos of elegance and romance. Here, Ryan and Patrick-James tell us their own success story in style; an amazing journey of how they built a thriving wedding stationery business with recent expansion into decorative accessories. This blog post also includes beautiful wedding invite inspiration by Ryan Patrick Design.

How did Ryan Patrick Design come about?
What began as a hobby in a home office has now become Ryan Patrick Design. We have both had a passion for art and design from a very young age and after pursuing other career paths decided to take the plunge and make something of our own. We made the decision to leave our full time jobs and go about setting up the business working from a home office to begin with, but with big dreams and loads of ideas.

What challenges have you faced along the way?
Our main challenge was how to take an overcrowded industry like the wedding industry and stand out! We decided that was the problem, the industry was so huge, and as a result every couple and every wedding becomes nothing but a number.

How did you overcome this?
We wanted to bring it back to basics, to provide a personal service, which means our customers work with the one person, who guides them through the process from design to creation. Next we wanted to stand out by being unique, we customise orders in every way possible from colour, materials, and price! We also wanted to create fresh, quirky and distinctive designs that stand out! When someone receives an invitation that we have created, we want them to take a second look!

Was this approach effective?
Yes! Very quickly our home was overrun with stock and orders. That’s when we knew it had to grow a little further… and one year after we established Ryan Patrick Design, we opened the doors to our very own wedding boutique. A huge workspace and a lovely shop front with plenty of room to work and lots of room to display our work. We’ve also created two additional roles to cope with demand – our client manager Leanne, deals with initial contact with new clients and Jade joined us in recent months as a graphic designer to expand our design team.

Tell us more about the workspace and shop?
With our new Ryan Patrick Design headquarters, we were given the chance to expand and offer so much more to our couples, from bouquets, candles, buttonholes, to other lovely decorative accessories! It also gave us so much more space to stock up and store a vast variety of materials. We use only the highest quality of materials, and have went through countless wholesalers testing the quality and integrity of the products, we wanted to create a standard of materials in the business that was second to none. Also by doing this background work we have been able to negotiate the best prices, allowing us to drive the cost of our products down to the lowest we can get them.

You’ve been using for over a year now. What do you think of our standard of service and digital printing products?
We wanted to create a collection of invitations that stood out to our clients while being cost effective, high quality and distinctive. Our ‘Simply Stylish Collection’ is all about that. Flat printed invites that can be modified to suit our client’s needs. Many of our clients want something that looks and feels expensive but without breaking their budget.

We searched around for a company who could help us in creating what we wished to achieve. Having used in the past we looked at what they could offer. We found their website easy to use and very helpful. If we have any questions they are easy to contact, either by lifting the phone or via email. This is something that really makes our life easier as sometimes we get clients who order last minute and it’s great to know that we can lift the phone and chat about what we need and get the products as soon as possible.

We’re looking into outsourcing a lot of our printing in the future as we expand our business across the rest of the UK & Ireland and we know with the range of paper and card stock that offer that they will be our first choice.

Here are some highly unique and creative sample wedding invitations designed by Ryan Patrick Design (Printed by

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“We’ve used Digital Printing on and off over the last year for things like stickers etc and then when we wanted to launch a range of invitations that were cost effective to construct, we looked at Digital Printing as we knew that we wouldn’t be able to match the cost of printing in house while still being in keeping with our high quality and standard. When we received our order we were blown away by how they amazing they looked and how quickly they arrived. We’re now looking into using Digital Printing for handling more and more of printing in the future!” – Ryan Patrick Design – Our experience makes us the perfect partner when it comes to printing wedding stationery. You can even do it all online! Simply upload your artwork to our website and let us help with all your wedding stationery printing and make your job – and life – a little bit easier. Check out or contact us today and find out how we can help!

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