What are Compliment Slips and Why Should you use Them?

What are Compliment Slips and Why Should you use Them?
What are Compliment Slips and Why you Should be Using them

Unlike their frequently mentioned counterparts – business cards and letterheads – compliment slips can sometimes slip under the business stationery radar. Although this may be the case, it opens up the opportunity for your business to use to their full potential. In this post, DigitalPrinting.co.uk takes a deep-dive into compliment slips, explaining what they are and how your business could use them.

What are Compliment Slips?

Compliment slips are used by businesses as a means of improving relationships with customers and clients. They are simply a printed document with the salutation ‘With Compliments’ and a short space for a handwritten message. Compliment slips can be included in delivery packages or sent individually as a way of thanking a customer or client for their custom.

What are Compliment Slips used For?

The following list will highlight just some of the ways in which compliment slips can be used by businesses.

1. To show appreciation – A written thank you note will go a long way to make your customers and clients feel valued.

2. To reinforce your brand – A branded compliment slip will reinforce your key messages and provide essential contact details if your customer or client wishes to get in touch.

3. To add a human touch – A compliment slip will humanise dull corporate documents such as contracts, invoices and reports. They’re also a great way to break the ice!

4. To offer exclusive discounts – Compliment slips can be used to reward loyal customers with exclusive discounts on the products or services that you provide.

How to Design Compliment Slips

  • Keep a brand-centric design theme – As previously mentioned, your compliment slips should reinforce your brand’s key messages.
  • Use high-quality paper – Flimsy compliment slips will damage your business reputation; plus, using high-quality material will add to their durability.
  • Use clear and easy-to-read fonts – Obscure fonts will confuse your recipient and detract from your good intentions.

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