What you should know before you order print online

What you should know before you order print online

With the advancement in technology and in particular, photography and printing technology, we can print great pictures from home. However, when you do this you sacrifice quality and unfortunately, you probably won’t see the fantastic results you hoped for. In times like this, it’s best to leave the printing to the pros.

Online Printing Services

Ordering print online is simple and ensures you’ll receive high-resolution prints on quality paper. You’ll also have a lot more options offered to you, such as variations of printing services including basic prints, banners, posters and much more. Before you order print online, here are some things you should know to ensure you have the best experience possible:

Prepare your images
A great tip for sending your images to digital printing company is to carry out some simple prep work at home. A few basic edits can make a huge difference to your images, especially if you want to achieve a certain look or style. You can improve the quality of the photo by adjusting elements such as colour, contrast and sharpness. Don’t forget to adjust the size and resolution of your image to coincide with the desired size, format and overall quality of the finished print.

Know what you want
When you order print online, you’ll have a range of printing options to choose from. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’ve chosen the right company before making a purchase, which involves doing some research in advance. We like to use top of the range HP Indigo presses for our digital printing services, ensuring the highest quality print with vibrant colours and sharp, clear images. When printing online, you’ll be asked to choose your spec, size, paper type, weight and finishing options. For this reason, it’s advised to approach your project with an idea of what you want. Do you want a matte finish or a glossy one? A4 or larger? Take all of these things into consideration and make the choice that’s right for you.

Printing Templates and Guidance
If you’re not sure how you want your print to look, it’s useful to make the most out of our online printing templates. This helps with things like brochures, business cards and basic prints because it gives you a clear idea of what the finished product will look like.

Once you have sent your final design to be printed, you’ll be able to track your order and it won’t be long before you receive your professional print.


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