Want to join the big boys? It’s easier than you think.

Want to join the big boys? It’s easier than you think.

96 and 48 sheet design made simple.

96 Sheet Billboards Ireland
Even if you never watch TV you’ll have noticed that the football season is upon us again. One reason it’s hard to ignore is that different television and online companies have taken over many of our towns’ 96 and 48 sheet sites to convince you to subscribe to their channels.

From the big leagues to the part-timers – 96 and 48 sheets really work
Outdoor billboards is known throughout the marketing industry to be an extremely cost-effective and successful form of advertising. It seems like everywhere we look we see a footballer or actor staring back at us while well-known brands tower over us. You could be forgiven for thinking that only the big companies could afford to advertise this way. Happily for small businesses and even sole traders everywhere, that’s no longer the case.

If you’re new to outdoor advertising, there are a few tips that will help make sure your first 96 or 48 sheet poster works for you.

Clear – concise – effective
One thing you’ll notice on any good 96 or 48 sheet poster is that its message is simple. The art director of one US agency specialising in outdoor advertising puts it simply: “The billboard is finished when you can no longer find a single element to remove.” Keep text at a minimum and your design simple. 96 and 48 sheet posters might be by a motorway or in a town centre. That means your message must be just as readable at 70mph as it is when walking.

Location, location, location – (target, target, target)
Location is vital for your 96 or 48 sheet poster to have maximum effect. Before you can decide on your best location, you need to be clear about who you want to target. Football fans? Look for sites around stadiums, leisure centres and playing fields. Music lovers? Areas around concert halls and music venues. Good creative might also look at the exact location and incorporate design elements that resonate with people in that area. Anything that helps make people stop and look at your poster will help get your message across. And that makes for effective advertising!

Duration (duration, duration)
The length of time your poster stays up is important too. If your poster is in one place for a long time, your message will start to really sink in. If you’re going for a short duration, make sure the message and brand identity tie in with other marketing, like brochures, stickers and smaller posters. It all helps to increase awareness of your brand and your message.

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