Backlit graphics – What are they & why should you use them?

Backlit graphics – What are they & why should you use them?

Backlit signs use large format graphics printed on translucent film that is illuminated from behind in a lightbox. In recent years the cost of this high impact marketing has come down considerably, leading to increasingly high demand from businesses looking to advertise in new and striking ways.

Backlit graphics are often seen in shopping centres, trade shows, bus or rail stations and airports as well as outdoors at bus shelters, on building exteriors and even billboards. With modern LED backlighting making these signs even more noticeable inside or out, backlit graphics are an excellent marketing option for businesses who want to increase awareness of their brand, products and services.

The benefits of backlit graphics

In business, image is everything. The public’s perception of your business is extremely important if you’re to grow and be taken seriously. When people see a backlit sign they get the impression of a professional company that’s well placed in the marketplace.

Backlit graphics:

  • are easy to read even from a distance – People are subjected to huge amounts of advertising every day. Backlit signs stand out from the background and from other advertising.
  • are highly visible at night as well as during the day – Backlit graphics emit their own light so are even more visible and striking at night than during the day.
  • have bright, rich, vibrant colours – The light enhances the colours of your design, making your image really sharp and highly effective.

Great uses for backlit graphics

Your backlit sign can advertise anything from products, promotions and events, to your brand itself or simply your name and logo. Place a backlit sign outside your business, on your wall, in your car park or at the entrance. If you’re in hospitality you might try a backlit menu. It immediately lends credibility to your business and service. The same applies when you use backlit graphics for parking, safety, directional or construction signs. Backlit graphics can be as small as A4 size so can be located behind retail counters or bars, in customer toilets or throughout business premises. If you’re exhibiting at a trade show a backlit sign is great for enticing attendees to visit your stand.

Get noticed – enter the world of backlit graphics

At we’ve noticed a marked increase in the use of backlit graphics among our customers. There are 10 sizes available ranging from A4 up to 1524 x 1016mm, portrait and landscape. Backlit graphics are more affordable than ever before and our website lets you get instant quotes online. To find out more, get a price or see customer reviews of our backlit graphics visit or contact us today.

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