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Customer Reviews for Greeting Cards

  • Laura B.

    Brilliant quality cards, excellent customer service, super quick delivery AND the online chats for technical advice were really helpful.

  • Alan K.

    This is the SECOND time I have done this.

  • M A R.

    Very happy with the service. Very good quality and delivered promptly.

  • T G.

    5 Star Review

  • Hannah J.

    Great quality and fast turnaround

  • Michelle R.

    Really good quality and arrived so fast!

  • Anna-May F.

    Excellent customer service, I was short on envelopes and they were with me by 9am the next day. And very happy with the products.

  • Adrienne F.

    good colour reproduction and quality paper

  • Aidan C.

    Excellent service. Very fast turn around and top quality results. Highly recommended

  • Dan W.

    Good quality product and good value for money.

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