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Customer Reviews for Perfect Bound Books

  • Jinnie K.

    Amazing quality and fast delivery! I would love to use this company again, highly recommend!

  • Nadia M.

    4 Star Review

  • Julie M.

    very happy with the service thank you

  • Wayne M S.

    The book looks amazing. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the print. Fantastic and super fast service. Could not have asked for more. Thank You

  • Jack K.

    All the books were perfectly printed, and professional looking; they were shipped very fast, and well-packed.

  • Amee G.

    5 Star Review

  • David L.

    Fantastic product. All round great service and end result. My patrons love the book and I will definitely be ordering more soon. 6 out of 5.

  • Peter D.

    Very happy with the end result. My only slight complaint is that I had a solid colour on the back cover of the document I had printed, which came back with a blurry line/smudge across it on all copies. But everything else was great, including the turnaround time.

  • David L.

    Love the books. Love they are also sealed in plastic. The box they came in needs rethinking though as it was split badly around one and a half sides. Will be using these printers again.

  • Jack K.

    Excellent service. The book came out exactly as designed, and with very good quality finish.

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