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Customer Reviews for Rectangular Stickers

  • Christie-Lee B.

    4 Star Review

  • Angela O.

    5 star review

  • Sandra A.

    Great services render

  • Neal G.

    great for the price and quick delivery

  • Gabrielle I.

    Excellent quality and service. Thanks very much!

  • Katie L.

    Good product, good quality, good service.

  • Sarah A.

    Easy to use set up, rapid delivery, professional quality

  • Nafiisah M.

    4 stars

  • Wendy M.

    Very good quality. Quick delivery.

  • Natsu T.

    Great quality, transfer of my designs came out really nice. Will definitely be ordering again. Price is affordable which is a bonus if you're in a rush. But my main satisfaction is the finished product. Awesome!

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