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Customer Reviews for Round Stickers

  • Ashleigh B.


  • Alyce G.

    Thanks so much for working round my unusual request to have stickers on sheets of a4. The quality is great and it was done in no time!

  • Kirti S.

    Great quality and again superb service! Thank you very much!

  • Lynda F.

    Quality excellent. Very helpful and lovely company to deal with. Very quick delivery. Easily contactable Highly recommend. A+++ Company

  • Alex N.

    Excellent! (A re-order because the first batch ran out)

  • John H.

    Very pleased, many thanks. John

  • Philip H.

    Very pleased, will use you again, would like autofill to work on website.

  • Robin C.

    Excellent product, excellent customer service, excellent price, excellent delivery times. Will definitely use you again.

  • Kevin M.

    Really happy with the stickers you produced for us. Great product at the good price 10/10

  • Monica S.

    Hi, I just want to say that I thought your service was fantastic. Your customer support was better than I expected and I was overly satisfied with your finished product and delivery time. Thankyou very much

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