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Customer Reviews for Round Stickers

  • Mrs Lynne H.

    Great quality, exactly as described. Quick delivery!

  • Fiona D.

    Excellent quality, and speedy turnaround over the festive season. I love these so much and they add to my brand identity in such a lovely way and at a brilliant price too. Lovely glossy and sturdy paper and great stickability or good glue ;) I will be back for more as these stickers truly make me smile. Thank you so much.

  • Jennis A.

    The product is printed excellently. It is of high quality and everyone here loves it.

  • Fraser M.

    Great, quick easy to use service. Thanks

  • Graham D.

    great product at great price and quality. Thanks.

  • Penny L.

    Good service and GREAT website making ordering so simple and there's even a human being available to help if you need it!

  • Ceri A.

    Great product, good quality print.

  • Nic V.

    Very good value product, much cheaper than those I have bought elsewhere, but the quality is just as good

  • Susan H.

    Quick service and usual high quality labels.

  • Dean S.

    Excellent quality and speedy delivery - thank you!

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