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Customer Reviews for Self Adhesive Vinyl

  • Ivan F.

    Good quality overall, nice sticking adhesive, almost everything were with exact measures, but on one of the sheets I've noticed a shrink of 2-3mm on the width, so the two stickers I had in that sheet were a bit smaller on one side, but not noticeable at all. One of the designs seemed to not be sent correctly because I am missing some of the layers (the marquee is missing the red background and some of the lines surrounding the "retro arcade" text, but again I could solve it and it's not noticeable. Thanks for a good job.

  • Darren B.

    Great product, just the job.

  • TERRY C.

    Review already submitted

  • Michael M.

    Good quality, good price, fast turnaround

  • Keith A.

    Perfect We got exactly what we ordered. We can highly recommend this company

  • Dr Joney D.

    5 stars out of 5

  • Brian A.

    Easy to use

  • Charlotte P.

    5 stars

  • Chris P.

    Delivered on time very quickly and excellent value for money

  • Mary H.

    Great quality product. Good value for money

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