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Customer Reviews for Square Stickers

  • Yash S.

    Fast, friendly and efficient service. Highly recommended.

  • Jeff A.

    My stickers that I ordered were excellent, brilliant in fact. The only thing wrong was that one of my postcards had the wrong design on the back, but seeing as this was a minor thing, and they are only being used for promo purposes, then its still 5 stars from me. Thanks muchly

  • Jacqui S.

    5 stars

  • David C.

    A great company. Really good value for money.

  • Keshet B.

    Delivered everything on time, good quality, no fuss, no complaints

  • Cakeme B.

    Very sexy stickers

  • Felicity B.

    Wonderful stickers, exactly as we designed. Very easy to order and quick to receive at a good price too.

  • Richie J.

    5 Stars out of 5

  • Kevin Q.

    Good service, good quality, pleased with labels I received

  • Moira W.

    Brilliant - and arrived at speed. Looking at another order soon!

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