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What our Customers Say

  • Sticker PCL3-76


    Claire H.

    Wonder thick quality.great foe refrigeration products.

  • Saddle Stitched Book A4


    Suzanne B.

    Excellent quality. Amazing turnaround. Superb value for money. Considerably better than our previous supplier.

  • Sticker PCL3-64


    Andrew B.

    Product looks awesome! Great colours and brilliant quality! Love the finish.

  • Strut Card A4


    Rob J.

    Finished product of good quality and at a price others couldn't match. Quick turnaround and delivery - quicker than predicted!

  • Leaflet Flyer 1/3 A4


    Barbara F.

    Good, fast service, competitive prices and quality of the goods were excellent. The website is very user friendly and inquiries were dealt with very quickly. I have recommended this company to friends. Barbara Tunbridge Wells

  • Leaflet Flyer A6


    Michael D.

    Excellent service. Very easy to use website, guiding you through all the various options for printing and giving an immediate quote based on all those options. Also there's loads of information on hand to help ensure your order comes out how you're expecting it to. Plus there's an online chat option to quickly ask someone if you get stuck. I requested a sample pack of paper types and this arrived in about two days. All of the samples are labelled up with the paper type and each sample corresponds exactly with the pictures on the site, so when you go back to order, you can be physically holding the exact paper you're seeing onscreen to be sure of what you're buying. I wish all online ordering was as straightforwardly well-structured, efficient and affordable. Ps. I don't work for them, i just spent about three hours online trying to find a decent place to get some wedding invites printed. This place was a real breath of fresh air after all the sites I waded through that either gave no prices at all (call us to discuss options...), or big price list tables that you had to endlessly cross-check with multiple pages, or were really budget and looked like they'd be printed in a photobooth in a shopping centre.

  • Perfect Bound Book A5


    Thomas P.

    If you are looking for [1] product quality [2] price and [3] delivery service then look no further than digitalprinting,this was my first experience with them and I was very happy with the print job they did for me, so much so that I will be using them again in the not too distant future. Having had experience with other internet print companies I can say digitalprinting is number one. T Malcolm Pugh

  • Business Cards 85x55


    Chelsey T.

    Clear, easy to use online ordering system, fantastic quality products and delivered on time. Faultless! Many Thanks!

  • Saddle Stitched Book A4


    Suzanne B.

    The level of service and turnaround cannot be faulted. It's outstanding! There are only two minor points, one of which is likely to be of my own making and the other nit-picking. 1. The 'blocks' of black (notoriously difficult with digital printing) aren't as black as our previous supplier, but I think I can work on this to improve the quality 2. When I've ordered low quantity postcards or cards they have been bound with elastic bands, which have lifted the laminate and damaged the edges. Overall, truly excellent work from a very supportive and attentive team.

  • Invite, A5 Flat


    Nayan P.

    Great staff very helpfull and able to help good value for money fast posing and reliable service highly recommend thank you Nayan

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