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  • 154


    Geraldine O.

    5 stars

  • 110


    Rachael K.

    5 stars

  • 140


    Yuzo O.

    Very convenient way. Quite reasonable price. Good Quality. I am sure I will try again on another occasion.

  • 101


    Sabrina M.

    Beautifully printed - thank you

  • 121


    Jurcan J.

    The stickers are exactly how I want them.

  • 44


    Innocent K.

    I was happy they rang me to correct my work. Amazing service.

  • 94


    Derek H.

    A really great method of binding documents. The capability of binding a wide range of pages will easily suit a wide variety of documents. The Perfect Bound Books method provides a real professional finish

  • 112


    Colin M.

    Good quality stickers. Paper has a nice finish and the stickers come off the backing paper easily but retain stickiness.

  • 65


    Maureen A.

    The service is really quick, and the printing is of a very good quality. And the pricing is very competitive. It's a pity they don't send overseas though, as I've used them twice and have to get my elderly mother to take them to the post office to forward on. I'd also be happy to recommend them if they did post overseas :-(

  • 88


    Jez T.

    Getting the 'books' uploaded and ordered was straightforward, delivery on time, and the quality good. I don't regularly have printing done and I would have valued some 'top tips for beginners'. In particular, one disappointment for me was that the final page of my books has been printed on the inside of the back cover. I was careful with the front pages to make sure they were right, but had not considered the back pages. For the addition of a blank page at the end of the book the final products would have looked so much better, and yes I am disappointed with that aspect of the final product.

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