200 years of Poster Power

Ever since the printing industry perfected colour printing, the poster in all its forms has been a common part of everyday life. While their use goes back over 200 years, it was the advancement in printing techniques during the mid-19th century that allowed posters and other printed materials to be mass produced and much more widely used. Since then we’ve used posters for everything from advertising, promotion and even as art in their own right.

Poster Printing & Advertising

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Loud and clear! Design the perfect banner.

Banner PrintingFrom trade shows to outdoor advertising, a well-designed, well printed banner can really get your business noticed. They’re affordable, effective and stand out in any environment. However, banner design differs from other traditional forms of advertising, so before you go to print, here are a few tips to make sure you get the most from your vinyl banner:

Keep it simple – Keep it large
Unlike most other forms of advertising, banners usually need to be seen – and read – from distance. Use large text in an easily readable font. People might only see your banner for a moment, so make sure they know who you are and what you have to say. Too much copy can confuse the eye, so even a great headline won’t get the attention it needs if you fill your banner with text.

Consider its location(s)
If your banner is going to be displayed in only one location, choose colours in stark contrast to its surroundings. Obviously, if it’s to be used in various places like events or shows, you may not know, or have a choice in where it will go, so make sure your text stands out and is easily read against the background of the banner itself. Read Full Article

Design guide to effective printed brochures

Printed BrochuresThe world of marketing and promotion is constantly evolving, but a well-designed printed brochure is still one of the most effective ways to get your client’s message in front of prospective and existing customers. Remember, you’ll be battling for attention in a packed market place. You can help your client by asking a few questions and offering good, professional advice which will help you design an effective brochure that really stands out from the crowd and more importantly, works! Read Full Article

Printing made simple – Your ultimate guide to online printing

Organising your printing can seem like a daunting task. Choosing your paper, print specification and explaining exactly what you want (especially when you might not be sure yourself) might seem like hard work. That’s why so many people use digitalprinting.co.uk. Customers know that when they use our online printing services, we’ll handle everything, leaving them free to concentrate on their business.

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Wedding Stationery Design & Print Inspiration

Ryan Patrick Design – Let us tell your love story in style…

Ryan Patrick DesignRyan Hasson and Patrick-James McGinnis are Co-founders of wedding stationery company Ryan Patrick Design. Its slogan ‘Let us tell your love story in style’ truly defines the company’s ethos of elegance and romance. Here, Ryan and Patrick-James tell us their own success story in style; an amazing journey of how they built a thriving wedding stationery business with recent expansion into decorative accessories. This blog post also includes beautiful wedding invite inspiration by Ryan Patrick Design. Read Full Article

Branding that sticks!

Sticker Printing

In today’s saturated marketplace it’s more important than ever to think of new and innovative ways to get your advertising and marketing noticed. One proven way to get your brand in front of prospective customers and make sure they want to find out more, is to grab their attention with sticker printing. Choosing the right type and best location is important, so here are a few suggestions to ensure your printed stickers stand out from the crowd and really stick in the memory. Read Full Article

Food for thought – Get the most from your organic food labels

Organic Food LabellingEffective labelling for organic food and drink products is extremely important in a market which sees around 10,000 new products introduced in the UK every year. Consumers are moving more towards organic products and away from established corporate brands, so your packaging needs to reflect this. Digitalprinting.co.uk has many years of experience in printing food labels and packaging, so here’s a guide to help you keep abreast of current trends. Read Full Article

We all love compliments

Compliment Slips

Today, more and more business is carried out online. And that means you will need to find more ways to engage your customers on a more personal level, helping to build lasting relationships and foster brand loyalty.

Compliment slips are a great way to add a personal touch to your business transactions. Adding a hand written note to your compliment slip shows your customer that you consider them important and value their business. It’s a touch that will lead to return business and increased sales. Compliment slips are perfect for occasions when a letter might seem too much. They’ll give your customer the essential information they need, quickly and simply. Read Full Article