Customer rewards and industry awards! is a finalist in the 2017 Digital Printer Awards

Digital Printing - The Digital Pinter Awards

For the second time this month we’re delighted to announce a prestigious industry award nomination. The Digital Printer Awards 2017 has shortlisted Northside Graphics, which owns and operates, in this year’s ‘SME Business Initiative’ award category.

Northside Graphics launched in 2013 and we are all delighted that a panel of such respected industry experts have recognised the innovative digital printing we’ve carried out for our customers. Read Full Article

What makes a good leaflet?

Printed LeafletsPrinted leaflets are a huge part of the marketing mix for many businesses. Whether they’re used in stand-alone leaflet promotions or as part of larger marketing campaigns, leaflets remain an incredibly popular form of advertising. They come in many shapes and sizes. Good leaflets work but poorly conceived and printed leaflets are discarded immediately or ignored completely. If you want to make sure your leaflet is the type that works there a few simple rules you can follow to give you the best chance of success. Read Full Article

Get with the programme

Programme printing has more uses than you might think.

Music Programme PrintingIt’s been a busy summer as always with concerts, sporting events and shows of every size and kind all over the UK. And whether you’ve been rocking at Reading or cheering on your local team, chances are you’ll have seen a programme or leaflet telling you about the event or the participants. Of course, the main job of your programme is to give information about the event, but programmes are also great ways to raise extra revenue through advertising. Read Full Article recognised with PrintWeek 2017 Awards shortlist

We don’t often blow our own trumpet but then it’s not every day we’re up for a top UK award!

Digital Printing - SME of the Year (3)

We’re delighted to let you know that Northside Graphics Ltd, which owns and operates, is a finalist in the SME Company of the year category at the PrintWeek 2017 Awards. Northside Graphics launched in 2013 and we are all understandably delighted that our online printing service has been recognised by our industry peers for the fourth time in the last three years. Read Full Article

High impact marketing with roller banners

How to make roll up banner stands work for you.

Roll Up stand

Roller banners; pull up stands; roll-up banner stands – call them what you will; these extremely effective marketing tools are everywhere advertising businesses, products, services and events.
We’re now well into August and that means that as well as summer and year-round promotions we’ll soon see advertising for Halloween sales or events and – wait for it – Christmas bookings! Read Full Article

What you should know before you order print online

With the advancement in technology and in particular, photography and printing technology, we can print great pictures from home. However, when you do this you sacrifice quality and unfortunately, you probably won’t see the fantastic results you hoped for. In times like this, it’s best to leave the printing to the pros.

Online Printing Services

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Get only perfectly printed flyers

Printed Flyers

Five worst flyer mistakes and how to fix them

Flyer printing is extremely cost effective and flyers are proven to increase sales. Maybe that’s why they’re among the most popular products we supply at There are a lot of flyers out there however and they’re all competing for your potential customers’ attention. While you can be sure that any flyer you get from will be perfectly printed using the best HP Indigo presses and premium quality paper, it’s important that your artwork and design are equally professional. It’s easy to overlook an artwork error when you’re concentrating on getting your flyer to print, but avoiding some of the worst mistakes can ensure that your printed flyer gets noticed for all the right reasons. We’ve listed five of the worst flyer mistakes and how to fix or better still – avoid them.

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