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Round Stickers

reviews 931 Reviews
  • 2740 19mm round stickers from only £15 that's less than £0.01 per sticker!
  • Round stickers on white gloss adhesive supplied as A4 sheets.
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Round Stickers

reviews 931 Reviews

Starting at under £0.01per sticker!

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Premium Round Stickers
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Product Overview

All of our round stickers are printed on white 120gsm gloss adhesive paper sheets. (170gsm including the backing sheet.) Each sticker is kiss cut so they are easy to peel off and are supplied to you on handy A4 sized sheets. Once stuck down our self-adhesive labels will stay stuck*.

Our easy online ordering process makes it easy to order your round stickers. We print round labels on our HP Indigo presses for amazing colours and vibrancy. There is no minimum order quantity

We offer eight sizes of round stickers from 19mm up to 100mm in diameter and CD/DVD labels (17mm hole).

Round stickers are perfect for adding the finishing touch to your packaging; we actually do this ourselves!

We also sell A-Sized Stickers, Square Stickers and Rectangular Stickers.

*When stuck to a dry flat surface.

Hints & Tips

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Q. How do I use stickers as a marketing tool?
A. Stickers are suitable for so many different jobs including address labels, name badges, and product labels. With so many uses for stickers and labels, it’s easy to see how they can play a role in adding value to your brand.

Q. What is the purpose of a label?
A. The purpose of a label is to be able to easily identify an item - for example, it could tell you about its parts, where it belongs, what it is, nutritional information etc. A label should be able to tell you everything you need to know about said item.

Q. Do you supply stickers and labels on rolls or sheets?
A. All of our round, square and rectangle stickers are printed on white 120gsm gloss paper adhesive sheets. We print all our A–sized stickers on quality white 170gsm silk or gloss permanent adhesive. The number of stickers per sheets depends on the size of the sticker. Size 37mm, for example, has 35 stickers per supplied sheet but size 88mm has 6 stickers per supplied sheet.

Q. Are the stickers and labels water-resistant?
A. Only the A-sized stickers are available on the marine grade adhesive which is water-resistant, and you must select Waterproof Adhesive as your paper type when ordering.

Q. What are Marine-Grade stickers?
A. Our Marine Grade Stickers are Matt White (IDP) PE (Teslin®) (Uncoated, filled polyolefin film). A unique material that looks, prints and fabricates like paper but is durable like plastic film. The microporous structure makes the product absorptive yet water-resistant, soft and pliable but strong, highly printable and durable.

Q. What are kiss-cut stickers?
A. Kiss-cut stickers are stickers that are lightly cut to shape, so only the sticker is cut but the backing sheet is not. This way the sticker can be easily peeled away from the sticker sheet. When you peel out the desired sticker, the backing remains.

Q. Can I use these labels for food packaging or craft beer bottle branding?
A. Yes. In fact, our labels are a perfect branding tool to ensure that you are reaching your target audience in an aesthetically pleasing, but cost-effective way.

Q. What is the most popular adhesive paper for stickers and papers?
A. Our 170gsm white gloss paper adhesive is our most popular across all of our different types of stickers available here.

Q. What size should the font be to ensure legibility?
A. Your text should be a minimum of 7pts to ensure that when your work is printed it still looks legible.

Q. What styles/shapes of stickers and labels are available?
A. Here at DigitalPrinting.co.uk, we offer a wide range of styles and shapes of stickers: A-Sized Stickers- A7 - A3 sizes available Round Stickers- 19mm to 100mm diameter plus CD and DVD labels Square Stickers- 25mm to 80mm in various pre-cut sizes Rectangular Stickers- 25mm to 96mm in various pre-cut sizes

Design Templates

We provide templates in Adobe Illustrator, InDesigns and PDF formats.

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View Downloads

  • 19mm Round Sticker
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  • 25mm Round Sticker
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  • 37mm Round Sticker
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  • 30mm Round Sticker
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  • 51mm Round Sticker
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  • 64mm Round Sticker
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  • 76mm Round Sticker
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  • 88mm Round Sticker
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  • 100mm Round Sticker
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  • DVD Sticker
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Product Reviews

  • Jo S.

    Fabulous. Very responsive.

  • Fay F.

    Really pleased with my labels, easy to order, good value and quickly dispatched. I will definitely be re-ordering.

  • Mehwish B.

    High quality and fast delivery. Highly Recommended.

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DP Guarantee

DP Guarantee

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Secure Payment

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Perfect packaging

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