When it comes to wedding invites there’s a lot to consider


Make sure you think of everything with our Wedding Invite Checklist

Wedding invites are a big part of the big day. Not only to tell guests they’re invited but they also set the feel for the big day and might even be how some guests first get the news. Weddings are becoming much more bespoke and that means wedding invites are too. It’s no longer just a case of sending out a few mass produced cards. Couples now expect more and if you’re charged with the task of designing or organising the wedding invites it pays to plan carefully. 

Our wedding invite checklist should help you to provide exactly what the happy couple want and with minimum stress to everyone involved. At your first meeting it pays to ask a few simple questions:

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Outdoor advertising – why it’s definitely worth a look


Outdoor advertising might be one of the oldest forms of marketing but even in today’s digital world it remains one of the most effective. From the 19th century, advertisers have used posters to promote products and events. But if you think that in modern times advertising might have suffered at the hands of television, radio and online advertising you couldn’t be more wrong. Research consistently shows how and why outdoor advertising continues to be a major part of the marketing mix. And the good news is, it costs less than ever to launch your own outdoor advertising campaign. Read Full Article

Planning a milestone birthday party?

Printed Party
Make it memorable with brilliant party printing

Young or old we all love a party and when it comes to birthdays there are plenty of milestones to celebrate. Turning teen, turning eighteen, 21, 30 and pretty much every new decade after that is an excuse for a party to mark the occasion. If you’re throwing a milestone party there are plenty of ways to make it even more memorable – often at the expense of the birthday boy or girl. Read Full Article

Six of the best free photo resources

Free stock photos

Don’t break the bank for quality images

Not everyone can afford to hire a professional photographer or set up their own promotional photo shoot. The problem is that stock images can be expensive and often look bland or cheesy. Fortunately in recent years there has been a big increase in image libraries that not only provide good, quirky, realistic images but they are completely free to use. We’ve put together six of the best to help you illustrate your marketing with good, attention-grabbing pics. Read Full Article

Postcard power

How to design and print powerful promotional postcards

Promotional postcards

Advertising and marketing trends may change but the postcard remains one of the most popular and consistently effective promotional products. Their size and adaptability means postcards can be used as hand-outs, direct mail or inserts in magazines, booklets and other print. They can be left on counters, bar tables or reception areas and they don’t cost much to produce. That makes them extremely popular with marketers. Read Full Article

Serving food? Your marketing starts with your menu

Menu Printing

We’re a nation that loves our food. If you run a restaurant, pub, cafe or take-away you’ll understand the importance of both the quality of your food and how it’s presented. And that presentation starts not only with the food but with the menu. Whether your establishment is sit-in or take away; high end or fast food, people often make choices based on their first impression. And that means your menu.
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Build your business with promotional booklets

Saddle stitched booklets 2
Today’s businesses enjoy more ways than ever before to build their brand and get their marketing message to consumers. Brochures, leaflets, flyers, outdoor and large format advertising are joined by web or social media campaigns to promote brands, products and services.

But why stop there? Many businesses now print their own promotional booklets. Modern digital printing techniques mean that companies can print professional, customised, affordable booklets to showcase their work and promote their brand in an original and highly effective way. Read Full Article

How to make every trade show work for you

Trade show tips

Trade Show ExhibitionTrade shows can be a great source of sales leads and can introduce a large number of potential new customers to your business. They can also take a lot of your time, effort and often money. However, there are ways to make the very most of your trade show appearance and by following our trade show tips your investment should really pay off. Read Full Article

Get smart with stickers

Five brilliant ways to use printed labels

Printed Labels

If you see printed labels only as a way to show an address or other functional information you’re missing out on a great marketing tool. Printed labels are a low cost, highly effective way to promote your business. All that’s needed is a little creativity and in today’s competitive world many businesses are looking towards new and different ways to get their message out there. Here are just five great ways to use printed labels to get ahead of your competitors. Read Full Article