What is bleed and how do I apply it to my artwork?

what-is-bleed-digital-printingDuring any printing process, there is always a small degree of movement on the press. That’s why if your artwork runs to the edge of the printed page you need to include 3mm bleed. Applying the correct bleed ensures that the print will go right to the edge of the page. Without bleed, some pages may have a white hairline at the very edge when trimmed. Read Full Article

What’s so great about strut cards?


Strut cards are perfect POS marketing. From A5 size right up to A3, strut cards are ideal for all sorts of locations like counter tops, shelving, bars and reception areas. They’re strong, portable and always visible at the point of sale. That makes them highly effective, economical marketing tools you can use again and again. They draw attention to promotions, offers and products and can reach a much wider audience over a longer period than online advertising. Read Full Article

What’s the difference between vinyl and PVC printed banners?


It’s a question we’re regularly asked by our customers who see both terms used on printers’ websites and on marketing material. Our answer is always the same: None! That’s why on our website we use the term vinyl PVC banners. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, sometimes shortened to vinyl. In its many different forms, polyvinyl chloride is used for everything from records (you’ve heard of the vinyl revival), cable insulation, piping and bottles to imitation leather. And of course, signage. Read Full Article

Create your own artwork with our templates guides

2018-04-30 12_48_32-A6 Saddlestitched Book Portrait.pdf

It’s easy to supply artwork using our downloadable artwork templates

Not everyone who uses an online printer is an experienced designer and not all printers accept artwork the same way. At DigitalPrinting.co.uk we’re committed to making it easy for customers to supply artwork from wherever they are whether at home, in the office or on the move. To take any unnecessary hassle out of the process you can even download artwork templates onto which you can place your artwork. Our template guides clearly indicate the bleed, and safe areas for artwork so you know your artwork will print correctly. Read Full Article

Time for a rebrand?

Rebrand you business

Some things to consider before you start

Businesses rebrand for a variety of reasons. Maybe your business has changed since you first launched and your current brand or logo no longer represent what you do. Maybe your customer base has changed. Or maybe your brand just looks a bit dated and in need of a refresh. Whatever your reasons for rebranding, your new brand will be with you for a long time, so before you go ahead, here are a few things to consider: Read Full Article

What makes a great logo?

logo design

Whether starting your new business or rebranding, your logo is vital in promoting your message. Huge brands like McDonald’s, Apple or Nike are recognised throughout the world even without text. Of course, multi-nationals are helped by colossal advertising budgets, but their designs share some simple elements common to all effective logos. So how can you design a logo that will get your brand noticed? Read Full Article