Who wins in the battle between printed mail versus email? The results might surprise you!

It’s been proven – getting your message into a person’s hands is also the best way to get into their heart and mind. We take a look at all of the reasons why you might want to rethink that email strategy and think print.

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In a world overloaded with bulging email inboxes, a lovingly designed piece of print wins every time. Think about it: how you approach your inbox, is how most people do: generally first thing in the morning, you scan the subject lines and addresses, discounting and deleting anything that looks remotely spammy, too much like a hard sale or not from a known contact. Then you keep your finger on that delete button until it’s all nice and clean again.

It would be awful to think of your carefully crafted invite, event alert, sales offer or thought leading piece going the same way: straight into the recycle bin. But there is another way. Print – perhaps even more so than email – remains highly effective in getting the attention of your prospects – and for many great reasons: Read Full Article

Five of the best sales collateral for small businesses

Our top five sales collateral products for small businesses

print collateral
If you’re a start-up or small business, you’ll understand the importance of cost effective sales collateral. At DigitalPrinting.co.uk many of our customers are small businesses. We have over 25 years’ experience in supplying the type of print that gets them noticed and increases their sales. When it comes to sales collateral, a mixture of old favourites and more modern marketing methods is often the best way forward.
We’ve listed five of the best and explained why they’re so effective in boosting your sales. Read Full Article

Design. Pay. Print. Deliver.

online printingIt’s that time of year again – Christmas is fast approaching and businesses across the nation are reaping the fruits of planning their print early. In fact, some of them – indeed many of our customers – already have their New Year or Quarter 1 promotion and marketing projects in the works. Read Full Article

Get festive with folded leaflets!

Christmas leaflet design ideas - Digital PrintingGet festive with folded leaflets!
Christmas is here again! And a great way to take advantage of this bumper buying season is to advertise your business, products and services using printed folded leaflets. At DigitalPrinting.co.uk we print a huge amount of folded leaflets and Christmas is by far our busiest time. Folded leaflets are great for getting your message out there at any time of year, but at Christmas, competition is even more fierce than usual. So how can you make your leaflet stand out from the crowd?


Think about colour
As well as using your corporate colours, add a splash of festive design to your leaflet. Everybody loves Christmas and bit of holly or a Christmas bauble or two will draw attention to your message. Read Full Article

Five tips for designing great Christmas restaurant leaflets

Christmas Restaurant LeafletsEverybody loves food. Most of us are passionate about what we eat and where we eat it. We also put a lot of thought into Christmas and we’re extremely particular about our choices of food and of restaurants at this time of year. If you’re in the food or restaurant business, you’ll know that this is both a busy and hugely important time of year. Everyone is trying to entice people in to their restaurants and to do that, you’ll need to get your advertising and promotion just right.

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Create perfect printed stickers!

Everyone loves stickers! And these little marketing tools are really effective if used well. You can use your stickers on packaging, as free gifts, on products or for a sticker advertising campaign. These days, many companies know the power of advertising with printed stickers and at DigitalPrinting.co.uk we print a huge amount of stickers for all sorts of businesses. There’s plenty of competition, so it’s important to design your sticker so that it looks great and sticks out from the crowd.

Printed Stickers | Digital Printing UK

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Drive footfall with storefront displays!

On the high street, city centre or any shopping area, we pass stores and shop windows constantly. Some shop fronts might be more appealing than others. Some, we might not notice at all. Shops use a variety of displays and decorations to help them stand out. So what makes us want to enter a shop? And if you’re designing storefront displays, how can you make sure potential customers don’t just walk on by?

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