How to design a great event poster

studio-republic-644339-unsplashPosters are one of the earliest forms of advertising. Their use developed in the early 19th century when they were first used to recruit soldiers, spread ideas, advertise products and promote political parties. The development of posters influenced everything from typography to design. Simple fonts, minimal text and clear design that can be seen from a distance are all concepts that originated with early poster design and those rules still hold true today. Read Full Article

Essential tips for designing great letterheads

Letterhead design templateA well designed, professionally printed letterhead is a must for any business. Clients, potential customers, important suppliers and potential investors or business partners will see your letterhead so it’s vital it portrays your business in the right way. It’s also a subtle marketing tool that will grow brand awareness so it’s worth putting a good deal of thought into the design.

Here are a few tips to help ensure your letterhead does its job shows your business in a positive light. Read Full Article

Five common mistakes on print ready artwork – and how to avoid them

print ready artworkYou’ve been staring at an artwork for days or even weeks. You’ve read then reread the content and checked the layout until you’re sure everything is perfect. Finally, it’s time to send it to print. This is the stage where a simple oversight can be costly and even the most experienced designers occasionally make a mistake, especially when deadlines are tight. To help you avoid the most common errors we’ve put together a list of the five most common print-ready artwork mistakes. Read Full Article

How to get the very best from your menus

MenusIf your business sells food or drink you’re likely to have a menu or at the very least a price list. People often make buying decisions quickly and how your menu looks can have a real effect on your sales. If you’re involved in the busy world of food and drink it’s easy to overlook your menus and that can be a huge mistake. So, when did you last take a fresh look at what your customers see? Read Full Article

Make an impact with folded leaflets

Print folded leafletsIf you don’t need a full brochure or booklet but want to say more than you’ve room for on a flyer, a folded leaflet could be exactly what you’re looking for. Folded leaflets are used for everything from menus and newsletters to promotional material. If you’re thinking of using a folded leaflet to market your business here are a few tips to help you get the best from this valuable and versatile marketing tool…

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Seven ways to promote your business at exhibitions

promote-business-at-exhibitionsExhibition season is well underway and if you’re in business you’ll know there are few better ways to get your message directly in front of the people who are in the market to buy. Of course, the power of exhibitions is no secret so there’s plenty of competition at every event. To help you stand out from your competitors we’ve put together a list of seven great ways to make exhibitions work for you. Read Full Article

What is bleed and how do I apply it to my artwork?

what-is-bleed-digital-printingDuring any printing process, there is always a small degree of movement on the press. That’s why if your artwork runs to the edge of the printed page you need to include 3mm bleed. Applying the correct bleed ensures that the print will go right to the edge of the page. Without bleed, some pages may have a white hairline at the very edge when trimmed. Read Full Article

What’s so great about strut cards?


Strut cards are perfect POS marketing. From A5 size right up to A3, strut cards are ideal for all sorts of locations like counter tops, shelving, bars and reception areas. They’re strong, portable and always visible at the point of sale. That makes them highly effective, economical marketing tools you can use again and again. They draw attention to promotions, offers and products and can reach a much wider audience over a longer period than online advertising. Read Full Article