4 reasons to laminate your leaflets and flyers

4 reasons to laminate your leaflets and flyers

A new year can often bring with it some new opportunities for promoting your business and your products or services. It can often provide an injection of creativity or reinvigorate many people with new ideas bouncing around your head for the year ahead. These new ideas will often revolve around how you promote your business to your customers, either through a promotion, new product or perhaps a special customer event. The turn of a new year presents you with 52 weeks to try something different in the pursuit of getting new customers, while ensuring you don’t forget about your current customers. With these new ideas, you will need to establish methods of letting people know about them. Often this is where your marketing team will shine, as they devise ways to put your name and your product or service in front of the public. One method that is extremely popular (particularly with SME’s) is printed leaflets and flyers.

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 Leaflets are an extremely cost effective way to get your message across to customers, quickly and creatively. We have previously looked at 5 things to remember when designing a leaflet but the ultimate aim when creating a leaflet or flyer is to ensure it stands out and is something your customers will read. With this in mind, it’s important to ensure you get your content right but perhaps even more important is the final print. The paper you use and the finish you opt for can often make a lasting impact with your customers and it can also provide them with an initial impression of your company and product. Do you want this impression to be one that is cheap and nasty or do you want it to scream QUALTIY? We’re pretty sure it’s your answer is quality, and one way to achieve this in a leaflet is by completing your print with a laminate finish.

What is lamination?

Lamination is a very thin film that is applied to your leaflet after the printing process. This film provides extra protection to your leaflets and also provides it with that extra look of quality. It can also protect your leaflet from marking easily and the general wear and tear it will face, both in your own hands and in the hands of your customers. Lamination really adds to your printed leaflets without taking anything away from their design.

Why should you consider a laminate finish to your leaflets and flyers in 2014?

While a laminate finish can increase the cost of your print run, it can often be an investment worth making, and here are 4 reasons why.

1. Enhance your leaflets:

A laminate finish can really enhance not only the look of your leaflet but also how it feels when in the hand of your customer. It can enhance the vibrancy of the colours and images used and really help to provide that look of quality you desire.

2. Added strength:

Deciding to laminate your leaflet or flyer makes it tougher and more durable as the protective film used to laminate, protects the flyer from wear and tear and damage. This will also keep your leaflets looking newer for longer, especially if they will have a long shelf life.

3. Get a professional look:

In business, as in life, a first impression can often be a lasting impression, and when it comes to promoting your business with leaflets and flyers, you want this first impression to be a good one. Laminating your leaflets will help to provide a nice professional looking sheen and something that you can be proud to put your name to.

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4. Matt or gloss:

If you want to add some quality to your leaflets and flyers in 2014 and have decided that laminating them is the way forward, then good news, there are two finishes you can opt for – matt or gloss. Matt lamination gives a softer, more contemporary look to your leaflets while gloss lamination gives a higher quality shine than would normally be achieved by simply opting for gloss card.

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If laminating your printed leaflets and adding that look of quality and professionalism is something you like the sound of for this year then browse through our leaflets & flyers, and folded leaflets product pages to see what options are available to you. One thing that is worth remembering when it comes to laminating leaflets is that it can only be used with heavier weighted paper, starting at 250gsm, and it can’t be used on our luxury range of papers here at Digital Printing. You can find out more about paper weights here.

If you would like more information on printing and laminating leaflets and flyers get in touch with our expert team today. You can also connect with us today on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to keep up to date with all the latest news here at Digital Printing.

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