5 creative websites that we love here at Digital Printing

5 creative websites that we love here at Digital Printing

When we’re not busy printing marketing materials for our customers (this isn’t that often), we like to take a trip round the web and stop by some of our favourite design and creative websites for some divine inspiration. The World Wide Web has become a wealth of knowledge and a fountain of ideas in recent years and it’s easy to become inspired by a quick visit to a website or blog. For many individuals, (and indeed businesses), a regular visit to your favourite design blog is all that is needed to get those creative juices flowing again.

When it comes to creating a new design for a leaflet, banner, logo or even a starter stationary set for your business, it can be hard to find that magic formula straight away. You can often be stuck looking at a blank screen or sheet of paper or looking at words and colours that simply aren’t doing what you had hoped. Next time this happens to you, and you have hit the creative “brick wall”, take a break and search the web for some graphic design, illustration, creative or typography websites. To help get you started, we’ve compiled a list of five of our favourite’s websites when we are seeking some creative inspiration.

5 websites to help provide you with some design inspiration.

1. Mr Cup:

The first site on our list is the wonderful named and fantastically creative Mr-Cup.com. This is the brainchild of French graphic designer Fabien Barral. Mr Cup showcases some of the great work Fabien has done for his clients and also has one of our favourite graphic design blogs. With plenty of articles on fonts, branding, packaging and colours, it’s easy to leave with more than a cupful of inspiration from the Mr Cup blog. Check out the blog here and you can also sign up for his regular newsletter.

Creative blogs to follow - Digital Printing

2. Creative Bloq:

Next on our list is the aptly named Creative Bloq, packed full with creative ideas and designs both for print and the web (with a bit of 3D thrown in for fun). If you want a daily dose of design inspiration then look no further than the creative blog. Dan Oliver (editor in chief) and his team are a great source for latest developments in the world of graphic and web design and the site is packed with lots of great information on all things creative, including typography, branding, advertising and photography. With regular videos, interviews and tutorials, the Creative Bloq really is a wealth of inspiration and ideas at your fingertips.

Creative blogs to follow - Digital Printing

3. I Love Typography:

It can often be a forgotten area of graphic design, but typography can play a really big role in the impact of your marketing collateral and designs. From packaging to banners and leaflets to presentation folders, the role of font cannot be underestimated. John Boardley is the face behind I Love Typography and the site really is a great source of knowledge when it comes to looking for typography ideas and great examples of how to use fonts effectively. You can also follow John and his 300,000 followers on Twitter on @ilovetypography.

Creative blogs to follow - Digital Printing

4. Logo Design Love:

If branding and logos is something that excites you, then look no further than Logo Design Love. This website is devoted to the design of great logos and branding and is the work of Northern Irish based graphic designer David Aiery. The site is great for those of you just getting into graphic design or those of you looking for a few pointers on what to do and more importantly what to avoid when designing your own marketing material. David has published a book titled Logo Design Love which is also worth investing in if you are seeking to further your creative knowledge.

Creative blogs to follow - Digital Printing

5. CMYKern:

The last website on our list of creative sites and blogs to follow in 2014 is CMYKern.com. The blog is the work of James Griffin who shares his design thoughts and love for clean, simple design with his readers. The blog covers a range of areas including illustration, photography and motion and has a real emphasis on the importance of the design approach. James also shares some of his own creative work along with the work of designers and companies across the world. It’s easy to leave the site feeling inspired and appreciating the simple things in the world of design.

Creative blogs to follow - Digital Printing

These are just some of the many design websites that are just waiting to inspire you and provide that creative spark that can sometimes leave us. If you are regularly designing graphics for print or want to develop your graphic design skills, the above websites are a good place to start. But don’t stop there. Explore the web and discover the endless source of ideas that awaits you.

What are your favourite design websites and which blogs do you regularly visit? Share your favourite sites with us today by connecting on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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