5 Steps to creating a brochure your customers will want to read

5 Steps to creating a brochure your customers will want to read

Creating a brochure is no easy task and should never be deemed as one. From design to print, no decision should be taken lightly. This is because brochures need to be interesting, attractive and informative, which sounds a lot easier than it actually is. In today’s blog post, we take a look at the most important 5 ways to ensure you’re creating a brochure that will appeal to your most important person – your current or potential customer.

Creating the best brochure

1. Define your customer, define your brochure

Asking yourself who your customer is will completely define your entire brochure. If your answer is “everyone” then it’s very likely you are in fact mistaken. You need to define your customer by age, location and social/geographical status. An expensive product needs to reach the right person; there is no sense in casting a wide net. If you do retail a higher end product or service, your brochure will have different needs – for example, you may want to print it on luxury paper.

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2. White Space

White space is vital in all brochures. Clarity speaks volumes and printing a brochure means you simply need to be clear on everything; your products, services, contact details, brand etc. White space is synonymous with readability; you should never underestimate or ignore the importance of white space when designing a brochure.

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3. Design

Designing a brochure is a job for a professional. Unless you have the in house capabilities to design a great brochure – outsource the job. This doesn’t mean you’ll lose creative control, it just means you get a helping hand with producing the best possibly quality in terms of excellent design. You may think that designing your own brochure will save you money, but actually – in the long term, printing undesirable brochures that no one will read will actually cost you a lot more.

4. Brand

Branding is essential in every business but branding your brochure and other marketing material is up there with the most important type of branding. You print a brochure to inform your customers, informing your customers is useless if they don’t know you- or worse, they don’t remember you. Create brand guidelines and stick to them, it will serve you and your business reputation well for years to come.

5. Copy & proof

Creating the right text to sell your business is imperative. Again, if you don’t think you have the skill to do this then hire a professional. Getting the right content has never been more important. In a world where you will be judged completely on your brand and offerings, content plays a key role in this process. Proofing is not just something to do at the end of the design process; it should be continually done to ensure there are no errors.

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