5 ways to ensure you get the most from your business cards

5 ways to ensure you get the most from your business cards

Business cards are the best introduction to your business. First impressions will last forever, and in the case of a business card – this opportunity is vital. But just what makes a brilliant business card? In today’s blog post, we take a look at what the best ways are to ensure your business card is kept, rather than disregarded and admired, rather than frowned upon.

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How to create a great business card

1. Your details

Business cards are, by their very nature, formal. So your details should be too – it goes without saying that you shouldn’t place a nickname on a business card but there are other informalities that people often overlook. If you work in the business of social media – great, it’s a good idea to give relevant social media account details. However, do you really need to give your twitter name if your twitter feed is simply rants and personal things? No. Keep it professional and only include an email address in this case.

2. Your graphics

As with all marketing material, any graphics used should be high definition and relevant. Your logo needs to be up to date and all older business cards should be placed in the recycling bin. Don’t overlook these small details as these details are the things that build your brand and the things that a potential client will look for. Avoid cartoon like images at all times (unless relevant to your business).

3. Being original

Everyone knows that in this day and age, everything boils down to originality. The design, the shape, the copy, the colours – your business card is a direct indication of how original you are. If you are in the branding, design or creative industry, this is a big opportunity for you. Even if you are in a less creative industry – it’s important to provide something that makes you different, be that a great image or great copy.

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4. Your paper choice

It doesn’t matter if you are a B2B or B2C company or a company that offers a product or a service; it all boils down to quality. Giving someone a business card on cheap looking paper is a sure way to fail the quality test. Your choice of paper reflects on the choices you make in business; are you the kind of person who goes the extra mile to ensure quality? Or is the easy option with little thought the route you take? Getting to know different types or paper and paper thickness will be key in helping you make an informed decision.


5. Your printer

Quality in print is a necessity. Taking time to design or paying money for a professional to design a business card without considering the print quality is completely futile. Do your homework and find out how different print works, what the result is and how cost effective it is. For example, Digital Printing.co.uk provides printing to the highest standards using modern technology (our HP Indigo digital printing process ensures rich, distinctive colour) in a cost effective manner. You can upload the artwork online, choose your product and track your order – we’re with you every step of the way.

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