How well do you know your print provider?

How well do you know your print provider?

The four main problems everyone has when buying print online

Online Printing ServicesThe number of online printers has grown dramatically over recent years. As a business owner, it can seem like you’re spoilt for choice and it can be hard to decide which online printer is best for you. Many offer great looking prices and offers, but what are you really getting for your money? There are four main problems print customers experience when buying print online but fortunately, the solutions are easier than you might think.

1. How can I be sure of the quality?
Many online printers offer print at prices that seem too good to be true. If you’re wondering whether a printer is cutting corners on paper or print quality, check to ensure they offer a full range of paper types and weights. No one likes a thin, flimsy business card or a leaflet you can almost see through. Will the colours be solid and true to your design? Ask your printer what sort of presses they use and have them supply samples of their work. If a printer is using high-quality digital presses they’ll be only too happy to tell you and to advertise the fact on their website.

2. Will I get a personal service?
One of the most common problems people face when they buy print online is that their job gets lost among the many that some online printers output in bulk. However, that process means that your job is not being checked for quality and often no one is charged with looking after an individual customer’s needs. Make sure your printer offers a professional, personal customer service and has processes in place should you be unhappy or require information on your job.

3. Will I get my print on time?
In business, deadlines are everything. Are delivery times guaranteed? Make sure they are. Before you buy your print online check that the printer is clear on the delivery options and can guarantee the deadlines they quote.

4. Is the price I’m quoted the price I’ll pay?
No one likes hidden charges. Before you buy print online make sure your quote covers the full printing service including delivery. It’s fine to charge different prices based on turnaround times or paper type, but they should be clearly indicated throughout the quoting process.

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