Design. Pay. Print. Deliver.

Design. Pay. Print. Deliver.

online printingIt’s that time of year again – Christmas is fast approaching and businesses across the nation are reaping the fruits of planning their print early. In fact, some of them – indeed many of our customers – already have their New Year or Quarter 1 promotion and marketing projects in the works.

If you’re still planning for Christmas however – it’s not too late. Yes, we’re busy – it’s our busiest time of year. But our investment in the latest technology – and the systems to make it all run like clockwork – means we have better capability and more capacity than ever. And that all makes even the most last-minute, fast-turnaround, urgent print project a fairly straightforward job.

So if you’re up against it – ask us! There’s a good chance we can help. And, whether you’re in a hurry or have more time, check out our 5-step guide to printing. It’s a sure fire way to make all your print project go without a hitch.

1. Change it Up
First and foremost, if you’ve always done what you always do, you’re going to always get what you always got. Whatever the purpose of your print, it pays to think about saying something new, something different that will make people sit up and take notice. Even if it’s the same marketing message or offer, think about how you can present it differently to get people to take a second look. That might by using a different format, paper stock or finish. Ask us – we’ve got all of the ideas and options covered.

2. Think about Design
There’s little point in going to print if you’re not going to stand out – so key to maximising your print ROI is investing in design. That may be just some time spent on your part thinking about the most focused, impactful message that you can get across in the clearest way and the fastest time. Or it may mean paying someone to do that for you: standout design is worth its weight in gold, makes your business look its best and may even lay the foundations for building a brand: the key to highly successful business in the long term.

3. Write it Right
We can all write, right? Well yes. But we can’t all come up with a headline that encapsulates the best of a business, while engaging, entertaining and eliciting a call to action along the way. A good copywriter will be able to sum up your business or offer in a way that speaks directly to your customer in a way they will react to. Add a great writer and a fantastic designer into your marketing mix and you’ve got all the ingredients for stand out print.

4. Plan it Out
OK, so it may be a bit late in the day to really get the most out of a Christmas campaign – depending on your type of business. But that’s a lesson in itself. Now’s the time to plan for next year, to flick through the calendar and plan for 2017. That’s incredibly important if you’re a seasonal kind of business, but really good practice for everyone. A bit of pre-promote doesn’t need to be big budget yet can pay off handsomely just through creating awareness. Planning is also essential to the smooth running of any promotional or marketing activity, saving you time, money and stress along the way.

5. Get more than a printer: get a print partner
Suppliers are 10-a-penny. People who want to work with you again and again, who take time to understand your business and get to know what’s important to you are much harder to find. That’s why we set out to be the kind of business partner who understands good service and how to deliver it. We go further and do more give our clients not just print on time, but peace of mind, a quality guarantee and deliver it all on the money too. And it’s not just us saying that – our customers love what we do and they don’t mind telling us > customer reviews.
So, whether you’re still in the market for a Christmas print project or are looking ahead to see how you can maximise your business opportunities in 201 through efficient, effective digital print, give us a shout – we’d be delighted to see if we can help.

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