Five tips for designing great Christmas restaurant leaflets

Five tips for designing great Christmas restaurant leaflets

Christmas Restaurant LeafletsEverybody loves food. Most of us are passionate about what we eat and where we eat it. We also put a lot of thought into Christmas and we’re extremely particular about our choices of food and of restaurants at this time of year. If you’re in the food or restaurant business, you’ll know that this is both a busy and hugely important time of year. Everyone is trying to entice people in to their restaurants and to do that, you’ll need to get your advertising and promotion just right.

There are a few things you can do to help make your Christmas restaurant leaflets a success and we’ve put together our top five tips:

  1. Use only great images

If you’re showing images of food, they need to be perfect. Never try to set up or use shots of fake food. People will know. We form an emotional attachment with our food so make sure that any images you use are sharp, realistic and appetising. People will instantly make decisions on food and their first impressions really do last. At, our top of the range HP Indigo presses produce images of the highest quality, so you know that your perfect pics will look perfect in your Christmas restaurant leaflets.

  1. Use only great images (sparingly)

Use great images, but don’t fill your Christmas restaurant leaflets with pics of food. People don’t need to see a picture of everything on the menu. If you use too many images they’ll lose their impact. Draw people in with one or two great pics but remember that good design doesn’t mean cramming your leaflet with imagery.

  1. Use only great text

Nothing puts people off like unprofessional, poorly written content. Good writing is as important as good design so if it’s not your strong point, bring in a professional. Your food, your service and your reputation will benefit from good, well written content.

4. Think about colour and feel

Of course, you have your brand identity and that should always remain consistent. But to engage people emotionally around Christmas, your restaurant leaflet should have a Christmas feel. Adding a splash of Christmas colour or even just a hint of Christmas imagery in the form of holly or tinsel will give your leaflets that seasonal feel.

5. Make it original

Competition is fierce, especially at Christmas. Think of ways to make your leaflets – and your restaurant – stand out. Maybe add a Christmas sticker or a voucher with a special Christmas offer. There are all sorts of ways to give your leaflets an original or quirky twist. Have a look at our website or check our facebook and twitter pages for great, original ideas! have over 25 years’ experience in printing leaflets, brochures and a full range of printed marketing products. Our website makes it easy to get quotes, upload artwork and order online. You can even download artwork templates! To order your high quality, printed Christmas restaurant leaflets or to find out more about the great range of products we supply to our customers, simply visit or contact us today!

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