We all love compliments

We all love compliments
Compliment Slips

Today, more and more business is carried out online. And that means you will need to find more ways to engage your customers on a more personal level, helping to build lasting relationships and foster brand loyalty.

Compliment slips are a great way to add a personal touch to your business transactions. Adding a hand written note to your compliment slip shows your customer that you consider them important and value their business. It’s a touch that will lead to return business and increased sales. Compliment slips are perfect for occasions when a letter might seem too much. They’ll give your customer the essential information they need, quickly and simply.

By remembering a few simple pointers, your compliment slip will become as important for your business and brand as your business cards, brochures and other marketing material. Some common questions are answered below.

What should I print on my compliment slip?
As with your letterheads and business cards, include all of your contact details. Often customers will keep your compliment slip handy so that they can get in touch easily. Use the same branding and design on your compliment slip as on your letterheads, cards and printed materials. However, keep it simple. Your logo and a flash of your company branding might be enough. Leave space for writing your message.

When should I use them?
Include your compliment slip with any products, catalogues, brochures or documents you give or send to customers or clients. Do write something by hand. A handwritten note means so much more than a printed message and shows you’ve personally taken the time and effort to engage with your customer.

What should I write?
It might be as simple as “Many thanks”, or “Speak to you soon.” Depending on the information – and on the customer – it can be quite informal. Don’t get too long winded though. If you need to write a lot of information, use a letter. For your compliment slip, keep your written message short and sweet.

What size are they?

compliment-slipsThat’s up to you, although 210 x 99mm or a third A4 size is the most popular, largely because they fit easily into envelopes without being folded but are big enough to be easily seen when included in a parcel or package. Often, people use the same paper for their compliment slips and letterheads. We’ve a full range of sizes on digitalprinting.co.uk as well as a great range of premium and luxury papers popular for compliment slips.

Good manners never go out of style
It’s an old saying, but never more true than in business. It pays to show your customers and clients that you genuinely care about them and their business. You can achieve this by making a personal and lasting connection through your compliment slip.

For help with ideas and more information on how compliment slips will grow your business, contact our team or head over to digitalprinting.co.uk.

Compliment Slips

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