Create perfect printed stickers!

Create perfect printed stickers!

Everyone loves stickers! And these little marketing tools are really effective if used well. You can use your stickers on packaging, as free gifts, on products or for a sticker advertising campaign. These days, many companies know the power of advertising with printed stickers and at we print a huge amount of stickers for all sorts of businesses. There’s plenty of competition, so it’s important to design your sticker so that it looks great and sticks out from the crowd.

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There are endless possibilities for your printed colour stickers.

With this in mind, we’ve put together five great tips for creating perfect printed stickers that are sure to get you noticed.

  1. Choose great colours

Choosing the right colours will obviously help your stickers to stand out. Good, contrasting colours will help your message get noticed and a great advantage of digital over process printing is that you can choose any colours you like at no extra cost. There won’t be registration issue either, so your stickers will appear sharp and striking.

  1. Pick a striking image

If you’re using an image, make sure it’s likely to grab attention. Your image resolution must be at least 300 dpi at its final printed size to avoid it looking blurry. Have a look at our website if you’re unsure about your image, or call our customer service team who are always willing to help.

  1. Keep it simple

Just because our digital printing process gives you so much choice doesn’t mean you have to go wild with graphics and content. With sticker advertising, simple is always best. Too much visual information on your sticker will see it overlooked. Make your message clear and easy to see at a glance.

  1. Consider location

Where are your stickers going? If you’re placing it on packaging, make sure it stands out well from the paper colour. If your sticker is part of an advertising campaign and might go in a number of different locations, choose colours that will stand out anywhere.

  1. Tease your audience

Stickers are best used to entice people to find out more. Some of our customers simply print a QR code or web address on a coloured background. This is a great way to drive traffic to your online pages and people are always intrigued by teaser messages.

At we supply a huge range of printed round, square and rectangular stickers for our customers. Sizes start at 25mm diameter and go up to A3. Our smaller stickers are supplied kiss-cut on A4 sheets. Simply peel them off and stick them up! Our top of the range HP Indigo presses produce rich, vibrant colours and perfect, sharp images, so your sticker will look great. You can even download templates to help you with your artwork. Printing your full colour stickers probably costs a lot less than you think, so have a look at our website. You can get quotes, upload your artwork, order your job and arrange delivery online. Just visit or contact our team of expert printers today!

Printed Stickers

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