How local businesses can use Custom Sticker Printing

How local businesses can use Custom Sticker Printing

Custom stickers are an underrated marketing tool that your businesses can’t afford to overlook. They are eye-catching, cost-effective and customisable, which means you can utilise them to market your business and your brand.


With an unlimited amount of possibilities in terms of design, shape and size, you can get creative as you like. For decades, stickers have been used to help promote business, elect presidents, establish brands and increase exposure. It’s one of the most affordable and effective marketing tools to reach new potential customers and add value to your brand. So, how can a local business use custom sticker printing to drive their business?

Promote your logo
Use custom logo stickers to promote your business and catch people’s attention. It’s an easy way to reach a wider audience, especially if your stickers are well designed. If people like your brand and stickers, there’s a likely chance they’ll stick them on their notebooks or on the back of their laptops etc. This is more likely if your stickers have been dispersed in a trade show, for example. It also helps if the design is particularly eye catching, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your custom sticker design.

Reach the local community
Local businesses can take advantage of custom stickers by using them to reach potential customers within their own community. It’s important to consider not only your target market but where they are likely to come across your stickers. Make a list of these places and it won’t be long before you start seeing a return on your investment.

Utilise your window space
Window stickers and decals are a great way to add some life and colour to your business. A sticker has the power to entice interest in your brand and encourage people to step through the front door. Window stickers are especially useful if you’ve got a storefront and want to bring more customers inside. It’s also a great way to revitalise a seemingly “boring” office. If your business offers free WiFi, don’t forget to broadcast this with a captivating window sticker. Think outside the box with your designs and it won’t be long before all the hard work starts to pay off.

Advertise on the road
Car and bumper stickers are a great way to market your business on the go. If you have a trade show or exhibition coming up, custom stickers can be a great way to increase brand awareness and market your local business. Passing vehicles will notice them and this gives you the chance to send a specific message to your target audience. The next time you’re stuck in traffic, you’ll count it as a blessing since it gives nearby drivers a chance to get a closer look.


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