Get smart with stickers

Get smart with stickers

Five brilliant ways to use printed labels

Printed Labels

If you see printed labels only as a way to show an address or other functional information you’re missing out on a great marketing tool. Printed labels are a low cost, highly effective way to promote your business. All that’s needed is a little creativity and in today’s competitive world many businesses are looking towards new and different ways to get their message out there. Here are just five great ways to use printed labels to get ahead of your competitors.

1. Branded gift labeling

Giving out sweets or wine at Christmas, holidays or as part of a promotion? Swap the product label for your own. Not only will it grow your brand but it shows you’ve put more thought into the gift, helps get you remembered and builds a stronger relationship with the recipient.

2. Trade show or in-store promotion

If you’re exhibiting at a trade show or attending a business event customise your brochures or leaflets with printed labels offering special offers or lower prices for attendees. If you have special promotions running for a limited time, advertise with labels on existing marketing in your retail or business premises. Any limited offer is a great call to action and the low cost of label printing means you can easily change the offer for different events event or promotions while using your existing print.

3. Competition entries

Run a competition and advertise it on branded labels or stickers. You can put labels anywhere, even on existing marketing. If you’re at a trade show you can give out stickers for people for lapels or clothing and anyone with a sticker has a chance to win spot prizes during the event.

4. Seal (and brand)

Seal envelopes with quirky, branded printed labels. Any correspondence including receipts, invoices or orders can be branded so that your business name is seen even before the envelope is opened. Your printed label can also include a reduction on the next order or an enticement to visit your website or social media pages.

5. Free gifts

People love free gifts. Kids and adults alike will put stickers on books, computers and even phone covers. Design printed stickers and labels for your target market and give them away with sales. No one ever lost a customer by giving away a free gift of any type. supply printed labels and stickers in a wide range of sizes. Smaller labels come kiss cut on A4 sheets and all our labels are easy to peel of and apply. Our website allows you to upload your own artwork or download editable artwork templates from any desktop or mobile device. You’ll also see our full range of products and you can order online wherever you are. To find out more or to get started with your creative sticker or label campaign, visit today.


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