Large, loud and proud!

Large, loud and proud!

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Indoors or outside, it’s hard to miss a well-designed, well-placed printed banner. At we’ve supplied banners and other large format print products to our customers for over 20 years. We offer banner printing for businesses, trade shows, retail premises and even just to say “Happy Birthday”. You can choose from a range of 10 sizes for your banner, from A2 right up to a whopping 3000mm x 1000mm.

The normal rules of design don’t necessarily apply to banners, so before you send your artwork for print, have a look at our essential rules to follow when producing a banner that will really work for you and your business.

1. Big is beautiful
Whatever the size of your banner and wherever its location, chances are that it will need to be seen from a distance. Often banners are only seen for a few seconds by those walking or driving past. That means that people won’t have time to read too much text or take in a lot of information, so make your message big and bold.

2. Keep it simple
Keep the information to a minimum. A logo, headline and a call to action are often all you need for an effective banner design. A striking image or great graphic can help grab attention too, but don’t use too many images or your banner will look cluttered and busy. Remember not to try to sell all your products or services on your banner. Instead, use it to push your brand or advertise one element of your business. You might include a web address or even a QR code to drive traffic to online stores. Just remember that the more simple the message, the more effective your banner is likely to be.

3. Use good design
Keeping your banner simple doesn’t mean ignoring its design, so if design isn’t your forte, bring in a designer. Your banner must portray your business in a professional manner, so the banner itself should look professional. This is the case across all of your marketing. If your print looks cheap and unprofessional, people will assume the same of your business.

4. Stick to your branding
Whatever your message, make sure the design, colours and branding are consistent with your existing marketing. Keeping your branding consistent across all media is essential in getting your business recognised and growing brand loyalty.

Have a look on our website to see some examples of great banner design and to see the full range of sizes we supply. You can also get instant quotes, upload artwork and order online. You’ll find templates to help you with your artwork and you can browse through the full, extensive range of printed marketing products we supply. Simply visit or contact our team of expert printers today.

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