Make an Impact with the Rapide Curved Pop Up Stand

Make an Impact with the Rapide Curved Pop Up Stand

Last week we looked at how important it is to really maximise your space at an exhibition to stand out. One way that we identified can help you stand out at an exhibition is through using the right banners. One banner in particular that can have a great impact at an exhibition or conference is the Rapide Curved Pop Up Stand. Indeed, the Rapide pop up stand can also have a great impact in your place of business whether you are a small retail store, a large wholesaler or a business to business organisation.

Why use the Rapide curved pop up stand:

The Rapide curved pop up stand is a powerful promotional tool that will work well in promoting any message your business may have. The curved feature of the pop up stand also allows you to get creative with your visuals.  Through a creative design you can really maximise your impact using the curved feature of the Rapide pop up stand.

The Rapide comes with 5 separate panels that use a magnetic fitting system to securely position the banners to create your pop up stand. These sections are all easy to fit and will stay in place, allowing you to quickly set you stand up and into position before organising the surrounding area. These magnets are located both in the bars and the hubs which provide a hidden, self-locking frame that instantly connect, providing a rigid and durable structure.

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With the Rapide you can be sure your pop up stand will remain standing throughout the day and you can easily collapse it at the end of a day. If you are using the Rapide as a point of sale (POS) aid in your place of business then this rigid structure means that once you have erected the banner it will stay in place for a long time to come.

4 Reasons to choose the Rapide:

1. Easy to use:

The use of colour in the Rapide makes it extremely easy to set up and dismantle. The colours make it easy for you to identify each part of the frame allowing you to place each piece in the right place and in order. Being able to erect and set up your pop up banner in a quick and easy way is a must today and with the Rapide you won’t be disappointed.

2. Quality:

Pop up stands can come in all shapes and sizes but one thing that is really easy to spot in a pop up stand is poor quality. When deciding on your next pop up banner stand you should consider the quality of the stand first. The Rapide oozes quality and will really help you to create a great first impression whether you are talking at a conference, showcasing at an exhibition or using in your shop. It’s always worth remembering that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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3. Durable:

When it comes to purchasing a pop up stand you will want to pay money for one that you will get some longevity out of. With exhibitions in particular, you will want to get something that you can use on more than one occasion. Something that you can rely on to use from one show to the next. From the frame and skin to the storage box, the Rapide is an extremely durable and long lasting pop up solution.

4. Storage:

The easy to use set up and dismantle of the Rapide makes it a popular choice for many organisations that are constantly on the road. The panels collapse and roll into easy to store segments. These are then added to a wheeled carry case which will fit into the boot of any car. The Rapide is also light, which is another great benefit when it comes to transporting the stand.

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The Rapide curved pop up stand comes with the following:

 5 panels that create a 3m x 3m curved pop up stand
•  Wheeled carry case
 Easy to use magnetic frame

The panels of your Rapide pop up stand are printed on to 510gsm material with a crystal lamination. This further enhances the quality finish and durability of this product.

If you want to find out more information on how the Rapide can help your business stand out contact our expert team today.

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