Outdoor advertising – why it’s definitely worth a look

Outdoor advertising – why it’s definitely worth a look

Outdoor advertising might be one of the oldest forms of marketing but even in today’s digital world it remains one of the most effective. From the 19th century, advertisers have used posters to promote products and events. But if you think that in modern times advertising might have suffered at the hands of television, radio and online advertising you couldn’t be more wrong. Research consistently shows how and why outdoor advertising continues to be a major part of the marketing mix. And the good news is, it costs less than ever to launch your own outdoor advertising campaign.

Billboards – Blasting the opposition

Billboards – or 48 and 96 sheet posters – account for much of the outdoor advertising we see across the UK. A staggering 98% of people say they see at least one outdoor poster every week and 71% say they often read the messages they see on roadside billboards. Considering that 68% of shoppers claim they make buying decisions while driving that’s a very useful fact to know when you’re planning your next campaign. As consumers we don’t consciously decide to look at billboards. With outdoor poster unlike other forms of advertising we don’t have to make the decision to turn on, open a brochure or read a leaflet. Billboards are already there, all around us and in our line of vision. People see messages on 48 or 96 sheet posters whether they choose to or not and with billboard marketing costing around 80% less than television advertising, billboards make great business sense.

Stop the bus!

Bus shelter posters or adshels are everywhere in our towns, cities and along our roads. It’s estimated that a massive 92% of the UK population see bus shelter advertising every week. When you think of the numbers using public transport, driving and walking along our roads, that’s a huge reach for your campaign.

Outdoor advertising – growing sales for a growing media

It may have been born back in the 19th century but outdoor advertising continues to grow today, turning over £1.1 billion in 2016 across the UK. Businesses can choose from a huge range of outdoor products. As well as adshels and billboards there are outdoor posters from sizes as small as A2. Many businesses advertise products, events and their brand using PVC vinyl banners that can be hung anywhere and moved from place to place. Compared to other advertising channels, outdoor enjoys the lowest cost per thousand people who see it – and that makes it a great investment in your business.

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