Why less is more when it comes to designing your banner stand

Banner stands can be a great way to make an impression with customers and prospective business associates. If done right with a professional finish, they can also create a great first impression, and in some cases leave a lasting impression. Banner stands can be particularly striking and impactful if properly branded for trade events and exhibitions. We recently identified the display stand as one of the main ways to stand out at an exhibition.

Banner stands can come in a range of styles including curved pop up stands, small roll up stands and easy to carry display stands perfect for exhibitions. As with any other printed marketing materials it is important to ensure you get your message across clearly to your customers.

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7 reasons to use a direct mail campaign

With the recent explosion of digital channels and social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, it can sometimes be easy to forget about some older marketing techniques that still have a place in reaching your customer base. One area that a lot of companies ignore that offers great potential for any marketing campaign is direct mail.

Direct mail usually takes place in the door to door format, meaning you can get your message straight to your customer’s door. It can be quite challenging to get the right message in your direct mail leaflet as a number of consumers still view direct mail as spam or junk mail. For this reason it’s important to really consider the end user and how relevant the message is on your leaflet. If you tie a direct mail campaign in with your other marketing efforts and have the same message throughout, the returns can be great.

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10 of our favourite billboards from around the world

Billboard advertising has been steadily evolving over the past 5 – 10 years and we have seen some great examples of companies thinking outside the box to establish some great creative ideas that instantly grab your attention. From 6 sheets to 48 sheets and from enormous 96 sheets to enormous building wraps, billboards can be a great way of making the general public stop and take notice of your brand.

Remember with a billboard that less is more and it is important that any text is clear and easy to read. There will be a lot of “moving” eyes that will see your billboard from passing vehicles so ensuring your billboard poster will stand out from the one next to it or the one down the street or across the road can be a challenge.

It can often help to take inspiration from what others have done. We have compiled a list of our 10 favourite billboards that really grab your attention. Have a look at our list and let those creative juices flow.

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Using colour in your brochure – what to consider

In our previous post, we looked at five things to remember when designing a leaflet, and one thing that can help any leaflet stand out is colour. Colour is also important to consider when it comes to designing a more detailed brochure. This is mainly down to the increased use images and text and ensuring that the colours used can stand out and won’t clash on the page.

A leaflet is often more about grabbing someone’s attention and providing the necessary information that can generate an enquiry or call to action. Brochures differ from leaflets in a number of ways. Perhaps the most notable is the detail in terms of the amount of text and pages that are included in a brochure. When designing your brochure it is important to understand clear objectives for the brochure before starting the design process.

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5 Things to Remember When Designing a Leaflet

Whether you are a business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) organisation (you may even be a mix of both), getting the right information to your customer base will continue to be a key challenge in your marketing objectives. Direct marketing can continue to play a big role in meeting these objectives and keeping your brand and your name fresh in the mind of customers.

Direct mail makes up a big part of how many people view direct marketing. The term “direct mail” has been around for over 140 years, since Montgomery Ward produced the first mail order catalogue in 1872. One way to do this is by using leaflets and flyers to provide information on a product or service or perhaps just information on your company in general.

Getting a leaflet right is not always easy and the challenge is to try and make it stand out for the reader and provide the necessary information to drive sales and enquiries. A professional design can often go a long way for creating the perfect first impression with your leaflet. There are a number of steps we would suggest following to help create a great leaflet.


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Standing out at an exhibition

Exhibitions and trade shows are one of the most competitive spaces to try and sell your product or service. While these types of shows are great for getting you in contact with customers, they also put you in contact with your competitors. This makes it even more important to ensure you stand out at an exhibition.

A good display can often be the difference between someone stopping at your stand or simply walking straight past it. Getting someone to stop at your stand or to even be aware that you are at an exhibition is just the start of it. The big challenge is what you do when you have a visitor’s attention. With exhibitions lasting anything from 1 day to even a week in some cases, ensuring visitors remember you long after the show is over can be a challenge.

To help get you started we have looked at five areas to consider to help you and your business stand out at your next trade show.

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Digital Printing; it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Thanks for your patience guys. It’s been a while but we are finally up and running with our new blog and are looking forward to sharing our thoughts with you. We will be regularly discussing a wide range of topics on this blog from printing solutions to industry news and all the latest news around Digital Printing.

So what can you expect to see in the Digital Printing blog?

Well, where do we start? We will be sharing our extensive knowledge of the printing and stationery industry along with developments on innovations and products that are coming into the market. You will also get advice on how to maximise your promotional channels from getting the most out of your leaflets, flyers and brochures to looking at ways to make you stand out at exhibitions and trade shows with your banner stands and displays.

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